How to pick the best smart bulbs for Alexa and Google Home in just 5-Minutes

alexa compatible light bulbs

If you want to get the best smart bulbs for Alexa then you need to understand what they are in the first place and then get advice from an expert who knows which bulbs are the best in the market.

Luckily, this guide will help you with both of these things.

best smart bulbs for alexa, How to pick the best smart bulbs for Alexa and Google Home in just 5-Minutes,

We have not only added information that will help you understand what smart bulbs are but will also provide you with a list of best and cheapest smart bulbs. So without further ado, let’s get started:

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Yes, you do! There are tons of reasons why you need a smart lighting system and one of them is the CONVENIENCE! You don’t have to get out of bed to turn off all lights before sleeping,

just use the Mobile app to do so or better yet, tell Alexa to turn them off.

Similarly, smart lights leverage LED that can save up to 60% of your energy as compared to the Fluorescent or Incandescent lights.

How are smart light bulbs different from regular lights?

There are many answers to it but the most common one is the ‘smart control’. You cannot control regular lights remotely and need to go to the switchboard to turn them on or off.

Another reason is that you can do so many things with smart lights such as scheduling auto On/Off, changing colors, making lights dim or bright.

You can also control the lights through Wi-Fi even if you are thousands of miles away from home.

How do smart bulbs work with Alexa?

It’s pretty simple how smart bulbs work. You just need to connect the bulbs with their own app on your phone through Wi-Fi and then just control them using their phone app. And as for Alexa, you connect the bulbs with Alexa using Wi-Fi.

Then you give commands to Alexa for turning On/Off, changing color, brightness or setting timer and Alexa does what you say to the bulbs.

How many smart bulbs can Alexa Control?

To be honest, there is no hard cap put by Amazon on its Alexa devices to be able to control a specific number of devices.

But things a device can do or control are always limited. you give specific names to your bulbs in Alexa so when you speak the name for a bulb and say command, the command only applies to that specific bulb.

best smart bulbs for alexa, How to pick the best smart bulbs for Alexa and Google Home in just 5-Minutes,

And as for how many bulbs you can control, we have already said that there is no hard limit and you should be able to control all the lights in your home.

What is the brightest smart bulb to use with Alexa?

When night comes, you need a good amount of light in your home and also outside of it. You can either get a large number of bulbs with low brightness to illuminate your home or you can get a few high-quality bulbs with great brightness to save money.

And if you decide to get smart bulbs, you can get a high level of convenience as well. So to help you find the best and brightest smart bulbs to be used with Alexa, we have made a list, have a look at it below:

Smart Bulbs vs. Smart Light Switches:

Both options control your bulbs with phone and voice but both have differences. If you get smart light switches, you may save a few bucks. However, you cannot change colors and brightness with smart switches and only smart bulbs can do so.

Now as for application, you can use any type of bulb with the smart switches but you need to spend money on an electrician as the installation requires technical expertise.

However with smart bulbs, you just need to install the bulb like you normally install regular bulbs. So if you need a cheaper option with no flexibility, go for smart switches but if you want to change different light settings then smart bulbs are best.

Where to buy the best cheap smart light bulbs?

If you are looking to get the cheapest smart bulbs that have excellent quality as well then there is only one marketplace you need to go to and that is; Amazon.

The reason we recommend Amazon is because it has a large number of sellers of Smart Bulbs and this competition between them makes them keep their prices low.

Furthermore, with the review system on Amazon, you know which seller is selling the best quality by reading the reviews of the top sellers. Lastly, you have the convenience of ordering from your home and getting the bulbs delivered to you.

The 9 Best Smart bulbs controlled by Alexa

This one by TECKIN is undoubtedly among the best smart bulbs for Alexa, because of its soft light, up to 62000k temperature and highly energy-efficient operation. It’s a perfect bulb that works with both Alexa and Google Home.


  • Control bulb via its app even if you are not at home
  • Can change into 16 million exciting colors
  • Control with voice through Google Assistant
  • Energy Efficient LED technology
  • 30,000+ hours Lifespan

The small yet very powerful bulb has all the ingredients for the Super-efficient and smart lighting system. It has 800-lumen brightness and comes with 16 million exciting colors. Not only it is among the lights that work with Alexa, it is also compatible with Google Assistant for voice controls.


  • Easy to install with its screw-in design
  • Control the bulb with your phone or computer through Wi-Fi
  • Control lights in a group or individually and set themes, timers or custom scenes
  • Just 9W delivers 800 lumens of light

In the era of Alexa compatible light bulbs, Philips cannot stay behind. Not only it is among best smart bulbs for Alexa, but it can also be controlled with your smartphone through its app. Though it’s not among the cheapest smart bulbs, it surely has a premium quality that most bulbs don’t have.


  • Select from 16 million exciting colors
  • Works with most overhead lights and lamps
  • Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and Alexa compatible
  • Screw-in design for easy installation

Another addition to the list of best smart LED bulbs for Alexa, this one by EXTSUD is compatible with Alexa devices and Google Assistant and works flawlessly remotely. The best part is that it sends 400 lumen light in just 5W.


  • Pack of 4 bulbs
  • Control from the smartphone using its app
  • Multiple colors and brightness settings for different moods
  • Bulbs can be scheduled to turn On/Off
  • Average life around 20,000+ hours

This 7W bulb comes with a pack of four which means you get four smart bulbs and each of them only consumes 7W buts gives away 600 lumens of light. Furthermore, it works with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home.


  • Works with Voice Controls as well
  • Life of 50,000 hours
  • Schedule lights to turn ON/Off
  • Comes with 16 million exciting colors for every mood
  • 1000 days warranty

This one is also a pack of 4 Best smart bulbs for Alexa by TECKIN. The bulbs have soft light and 16 million exciting colors perfect for every type of mood and theme. Furthermore, no hub is needed to remotely operate the bulbs, just connect with Wi-Fi and control.


  • Control bulb via its app even if you are not at home
  • Control with voice through Google Assistant
  • Can change into 16 million exciting colors
  • Energy Efficient technology of LED
  • List El30,000+ hours Lifespanement

This pack of three smart Alexa compatible light bulbs is great for every type of home that needs convenient lighting. The bulbs do all operations through its APP that other smart bulbs do like schedule on/off, dimming, the group controlling and more.


  • Works with Google Home as well
  • Control all three bulbs individually or in group
  • 6500k temperature
  • Consumes only 9W and sends 800 lumens light

This smart bulb by TECKIN is different from the two bulbs we discussed above by the same manufacturer because it consumes 13W and sends light equivalent of 100W which is incredible. It works with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home as well.


  • Control bulb via its app even if you are not at home
  • Save up to 60% energy
  • Can change into 16 million exciting colors
  • Energy Efficient LED technology
  • 30,000+ hours Lifespan

Last addition to the list of best smart bulbs for Alexa is the pack of three bulbs by BERENNIS. They make great bulbs that work with Alexa, IFTTT and Google Home as well. There is no need for the hub to remotely operate them and each bulb just consumes 7W of energy.


  • 20,000+ hours of life
  • Come with 16 million exciting colors
  • Work individually or in a group
  • Control from anywhere through Wi-Fi
  • 12 months warranty

“How to Setup a Smart Wifi Bulb with Alexa and Google Home”

The process of setting up the smart lights with Alexa and Google Home is simple but it cannot be defined in text because of the length of the process. However, to help you understand it clearly, we have found a great video.

Have a look at this detailed video on YouTube to clearly understand each and every step and flawlessly integrate your smart bulbs with Google Home and Alexa.


There are hundreds of smart light bulbs out there but if you want the best quality with the most affordable price then you should check out the list we have created for you. All of the smart bulbs have been tried and tested by many users and are mentioned in this guide based on positive reviews.

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