How to pick The Best bathroom lights for Makeup Vanity in 2020

Getting the best bathroom lights for makeup can be challenging because you need to get the temperature and brightness just right to ensure you can see colors perfectly. 

Furthermore, there are hundreds of lights out there and getting the one that delivers the best bang for your buck can be a difficult job as well. However, with our guide on getting the best lighting for makeup table and bathroom, you don’t have to worry about anything.

We will cover every important topic related to getting the best lighting for the bathroom ranging from the temperature to brightness, wattage and more. So with that said, let’s dive right in:

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Do bathrooms need special lights?

Yes, you do need special lighting in the bathroom because there is water there and the presence of electricity only makes things risky if you are not careful. So, bathrooms are divided into three zones and different types of lights are used in these zones:

  • Zone 0: This zero zone is the bathtub where water is present the most. So you need to use IPX7 lights in here having very low voltage.
  • Zone 1: This zone is 2.25 meters above the shower or the bath and you need at least IP4X light here.
  • Zone 2: This is 0.6 meters outside the bath and you need at least IPX4 light here. This area usually includes the area between the bathtub and sink and also the area above the sink.
  • There is also a no-zone area that is outside any of these zones mentioned above and you can use any type of light fitting here without any specific IPX rating. For more info on the zones, visit here.

    How Many Lumens Are Needed for Applying Makeup?

    This is actually a question that only you can answer best because of your preferences, however, we suggest that you get the light brightness that is near the brightness of daylight but consumes lesser amount of watts so that you don’t drown yourself into electricity bills.

    And for that, we suggest that you try out 1100 lumens of light and make sure to go for the LED bulbs as they are energy efficient which means you will have desired light in low wattage consumption equaling to the best bathroom lights for makeup.

    What you need to look for to pick the best light bulbs to use for makeup vanity?

    There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when getting the best bathroom lights for makeup and all of these factors are the maker or breaker of the deal so make sure to take your time and look for the best lighting for makeup table having these things:

    • The color temperature should be between the range of 2700K and 3000k. This will help you have warmer light that replicates the daylight and if you are still not getting enough warmth, go for 5000k max and not above that.
    • The second thing is the long lastingness of the light. You don’t just want to get the bathroom light bars or bulbs that save energy, you also need to get the ones that last for a long time and LEDs are best for that purpose with thousands of hours of operating life.
    • As mentioned above, the light should have the color that mimics the daylight but it also needs to be bright enough to show you clearly the areas on your face where you forgot to put the makeup. So for that, get at least 1100 lumens of brightness.
    • The last quality of the best bathroom lighting for makeup is dim control. You can dim or brighten the light to get accurate simulation of how your make up will appear when you leave the house.

    Make sure to take these factors into consideration to get the best lighting for makeup table and be the most irresistible person in the room with perfect makeup.

    What is the best bathroom lighting for makeup?

    There are hundreds of lights that can be used for makeup in the bathroom but there are only a few lights that can perform exceptionally well by providing you with perfect lighting conditions. We have already mentioned those lights in the lists of best bathroom lights for makeup later in this guide.

    As a general rule, you should always look for the lights that replicate natural daylight and also have dim control. This feature allows you to simulate lighting conditions according to the place you are visiting and ensuring that you have perfect makeup for it.

    What color temperature is best for makeup?

    Anything between the range of 2700k and 5000k is considered a good temperature for makeup lights and only the best lighting for bathroom can deliver this temperature without compromising the brightness.

    So make sure to not exceed or go below this range and experiment with different temperatures of lights within this range to get the light color according to your preferences.

    15 best light bulbs for bathroom vanity makeup:

    Getting your makeup right is the most crucial task as it will decide how you look all day or night long. And for that, you need an arsenal of only the best makeup tools. One of such tools is the light bulbs for makeup in the bathroom.

    Since bathrooms are the places where there is usually no natural light present, you need to create your own light that replicates the daylight so you can get your makeup right. We have gathered some of the best bathroom lights for makeup for you, have a look at them below:




    Minetom Vanity Lights, 10 Pcs Led Vanity Makeup Light for Mirror

    Led Vanity Mirror Lights, Hollywood Style Vanity Make Up Light

    Portable Makeup Lights Cordless Rechargeable Professional LED Vanity Mirror Light

    Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with Dimmable Light Bulbs

    Waneway Vanity Lights for Mirror, DIY Hollywood Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror with Dimmable Lights

    Pretmess Hollywood Style Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, Adjustable Color and Brightness

    OVENTE Wall Mount LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, Battery Operated

    AmnoAmno 8.5" LED Double Sided Swivel Wall Mount Vanity mirror-10x Magnification

    HAUSCHEN 36 x 28 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with 5500K High Lumen

    Lvyinyin 14 Vanity Lights Kit Hollywood Style Makeup Mirror LED Bulbs with Stickers 

    Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs For Makeup

    HAUSCHEN 36x28 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen

    HAUSCHEN 32x40 inch LED Lighted Bathroom Wall Mounted Mirror with High Lumen

    SOLFART LED Vanity Lights Over Mirror,Crystal Wall Lights for Bathroom Lighting Fixtures 

    MYPLUS Portable Vanity Lights, Rechargeable Mirror Makeup Light with Brightness Adjust Function

    What is the best wattage for bathroom lighting?

    Though there is no standard set for the wattage of best lighting for bathroom, you should always opt for the lights that deliver the best results at low temperatures. And for that, we recommend LED lights.

    The reason for that is LED lights can deliver around 1100 lumens of light which is very bright in just 13 watts and thus saving energy.

    Is LED lighting good for applying makeup?

    If you want to apply makeup with perfection, you need to use LED lights because their colors are next to the natural light making LED the best lighting for makeup table. Another reason why LED is superior to other types of lights is its color spectrum that resembles the daylight.

    Lastly, LED consumes less power and delivers higher lumens which also makes it energy efficient and light on your pocket.

    Is a ring light good for applying makeup?

    Yes! A ring light can definitely help you in getting your makeup right and if the temperature and brightness are right, you can even just use the ring light every time you do makeup. Now there are hundreds of ring lights out there in different temperatures, brightness and of courses prices. But to help you find the best ones, we have shortlisted some below:

    Best lighting for bathroom with no windows:

    Bathrooms without windows will have no access to the natural sunlight and since makeup is best applied in daylight, you need to have the best bathroom lighting for makeup that mimics the natural light. And luckily, there are lights in the market that can do just that.

    So to help you find just the lights with the best features and quality, we have created this list. Make sure to go through all of these products and see if any of these lights work for you.

    Which lighting idea will suit vanity mirrors in the bathroom?

    In order to achieve the best bathroom lighting for makeup, you can always place bathroom light bars or a pair of vertical scones on each side of your bathroom mirror. This will remove shadows created from lighting on the ceiling and will offer best light for more detailed tasks.

    Secondly, you can use a dimmer with these lights to simulate the lighting according to the place you are going to visit and do makeup accordingly.

    How to do makeup in bad lighting?

    Having to apply the makeup in bad lighting is very annoying and can ruin your makeup entirely. But, there is a video showing how you can do makeup in bad lighting that you can check out here.

    Also, we recommend that you either get a vanity mirror with built-in bulbs in it or get a ring light that can put a good amount of light on your face while you apply the makeup.

    These things will of course not be able to replicate the light that some of the best bathroom lights for makeup deliver, but you can still get decent makeup.


    Getting the best bathroom lights for makeup is a very complicated task because there are different variables like temperature, brightness, and wattage, etc. that you need to keep in mind. However, with this guide, we hope that you will now be able to get the best lighting for bathroom that will help you do the best makeup you have ever done and become the center of everyone’s attention wherever you go.

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