How to Find best book lights for reading in bed that won’t disturb your partner

If you are looking for the best book lights for reading in bed then you have come to the right place. We will not only educate you about the reading lights for bedtime but we will also help you find the perfect one for yourself. 

This comprehensive guide will also shed light (pun intended) on how much lumens should you go with, what you should do to make sure your partner is not disturbed from your light and more.

So with that said, let’s move towards the best book reading light guide:

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How to choose the best book light for reading in bed?

When it comes to reading books in bed, you have a variety of options from best bedside reading lamps to best book lights for reading in bed that you can just stick to your book. So that is why there is no single answer to this question, and it ultimately comes down to what your specific needs are.

Though we have provided you with lists of best book reading lights at the end of this guide, to provide you with a general idea of what you should look in the best book lights for reading, we will tell you small criteria. Have a look at it below:

  • The reading lights for bed should be bright but have the ability to get dim whenever you want so your partner is not disturbed
  • It is crucial that your light has a bulb that sends our warm light because blue light will put stress on your eyes and will also affect your sleep
  • The light should have a small size and must be lightweight
  • Having a clamp is going to make things easier because you can then either attach it to your book or to the headboard of your bed when reading
  • Make sure that the light has a battery that can easily last your read

If you want to get the best book lights for reading in bed, these criteria will help you a lot in ensuring you get the total value for your money.

What happens to your eyes when reading in dim light?

Some reading enthusiasts only get time to read at night after a long day at work or some children like to get under covers, light up a torch and then read their favorite stories. Now the question is, are they damaging their eyes?

The answer is NO! There are a lot of things that people have just assumed and are continuing to believe even when they are not true. But the statement that ‘your eyes suffer from reading in dim light’ is a myth.

Yes! You get temporary fatigue because your eyes have to focus a lot when reading in the dark, but there is no permanent damage as mentioned by Web MD as well.

What is the best reading position bed?

When it comes to reading in bed, you need to understand that even if you get the best reading lights for bedroom or the best bedside reading lamps, you will still have to sit on your bed because laying while reading will put more stress on your hands and you will not be able to hold the book longer.

So what you need to do is to provide support to your neck and back while sitting on the bed and you can do that by using a pillow. Make sure that your pillow is not very soft and squishy, a little bit of firmness is going to help you a lot.

Just put the pillow behind you, lay back in a way that your neck is at the upper edge of the pillow and your back is getting support from its middle. You can then attach your reading lights for bed with a clamp to the headboard of the bed to get uninterrupted light.

How many lumens should a reading lamp have?

Well this depends on what your age is or what your eyes’ health is. If you are a 10 years old child, you can easily read a book in 200 to 300 lumens because your eyes are likely to be healthier.

But, if you are a middle-aged person or above 60, you might need at least 500 lumens and maybe also a magnifying glass with your reading lamp.

Warm white or cool white better for eyes- What light is best for reading

Well, to be honest, the color is not as much important as the light’s intensity if you want to have a better reading. Our eyes’ ability to see or focus on things starts to get weaker as we age which in medical terms called Presbyopia and it usually occurs when people are over 50 years.

Further, people who are nearsighted also see a decline in their ability to read, so both the presbyopia and the nearsightedness find bright light helpful in reading irrespective of the color.

Same is applied to people who have healthy eyes because no matter if you have white light or yellow light, as long as you have the best book lights for reading in bed that are also bright enough, you are good to go.

How to read in bed without disturbing partner?

If you are a reading enthusiast and your partner is not or at least if he doesn’t like to read at night, you reading on the bed can disturb him a little bit if you are not careful enough.

So to make sure that your loved one can relax while you are taking your daily dose of good reading in the bed, you need to get the best book lights for reading in bed and make sure that they are dimmable.

This way, you can just turn off the lights of the bedroom and just use that small reading light to read the book. Furthermore, make sure to invest in a good Sleep mask that your partner can wear while you are reading so that even if a few rays of light escape from your book and onto their eyes, they will still be able to sleep peacefully.

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Buyers Guide How to choose A Book Light that makes your eyes comfortable

There is not much to look for when it comes to getting the best book lights for reading because we have mentioned the criteria above already. But if we just talk about your eyes specifically, then you need to make sure that the light has these three qualities:

  • The light should not have blue light because it will put a direct effect on your eyes. Blue light puts stress on your eyes that causes fatigue. So, therefore, make sure to get a warmer light.
  • The second thing that you need to remember is that your light should be dimmable because sometimes you would just want to read in a dimmed light so your eyes can relax.
  • Though it is not recommended, you can see if you can find a special eye care light. It will provide extra care to your eyes, but if you cannot find it, that’s fine too.

Make sure to remember these things when you are looking for a light that is easy on your eyes.

Top 10 Book Lights for reading in bed 

Headlamps for reading in bed

Just like the name, headlamps are going to be strapped to your head so that whenever you move your head, the light will go there as well. They are perfect for people who don’t want to constantly handle a reading light because your hands will be free. Have a look at the top headlamps below:

Hands free neck light

If you don’t want something to be strapped to your head then how about the neck? Well, this light will not be strapped to your neck but rather supported by your neck by hanging from it and sending light onto the book. It is great for people who read books by getting the support of a pillow on the back. So let’s see some of the best ones below:

wall mounted bedroom reading lamps

If you are more of a lamp person, don’t worry, we have something for you as well. You can just mount a lamp to the walls beside your bed and get a good source of light for your books. If you are worried about your partner, you can just turn on your side of the lamp, and they can sleep with their lamp off and sleep mask on. Have a look at the top class wall mounted bedside lamps below:

Vintage floor reading lamp

Do you prefer to go old-school with your reading? Well, we have got the premium quality Vintage floor reading lamps that you will find very easy to adjust according to your needs. These lamps are just one of the classics that enhance the décor of the whole house. Let's see a few of the best bedside reading lamps below:

Reading light for bed headboard

If you want to get the best book reading light that can be attached to your headboard so you can have an uninterrupted reading experience, you can try the headboard reading lights. Honestly, they will make your life much easier. Let’s look at some of the best reading lights for bed with headboard attachment below:


So there you have it, the list to all types of best reading lights for bed ranging from headlamps to help you get the best bedtime reading experience. Just make sure that whichever lamp you choose, it should not put any extra burden on you like if you are not a headlamp person, you should not go for it. And lastly, take extra care of the sleeping needs of your partner and get dimmable light and a sleeping mask for them.

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