How to Pick the Best Mountain Bike Lights for Night Riding? To keep you safe on the road

When it comes to biking! ... people need to be aware of their surroundings and let others know that they are riding on the road to be seen by other vehicles and stay safe. So for that, bikers use the best bike lights for night riding as well as daytime riding. This guide is also about such lights:

We will tell you why you need them, what their legal condition is, and also our top picks for best lights for commuting including the best road bike lights under 50 dollars. So with that said, let’s get started:

Why Bike Lights are Important ... Even in Daylight?

Have you ever seen someone riding a bike in the bright daylight with their bike light on and wonder why on earth would someone use a light when they can see everything clearly? 

You may have put a label of ‘mental case’ on them, but the truth is that they are more intelligent than anybody else. Using lights in daylight has a lot of logical reasons, and some of them are:

  • High Visibility: If you are riding a bike with lights on, you will be more visible to other people or cars on the road. This way, you can avoid a potential accident caused by someone not being able to clearly see you coming due to the small size of bike.

  • Unexpected Darkness: While riding on the road, the weather can change quickly and make everything dark or you enter into an underpass where you might not be able to see what’s ahead clearly. So having a light on your bike will help you clearly see even if you encounter a dark situation during the daytime.
  • Drawing Attention: Sometimes, people don’t notice you coming from the other side when they are crossing the road or travelling in their own vehicles. If you have bright lights attached to your bike in the daytime, you can flash the lights on them and make them aware that you are getting near them, so they take a side or cross the road immediately to avoid any accidents.

So these are a few reasons why many riders use some of the best bike lights for night riding during the day as well. By using these brightest bicycle headlights, they can avoid horrible accidents.

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Do you need a light to ride a bike at night?

Well, obviously you do! Even if you are just riding on your bicycle on a separate track for bicycling, you need to have light for so many reasons. Have a look at some of the reasons LED light for a bike at night below:

  • See Clearly: The first reason is obviously to be able to see clearly. When you have the best bike lights for night riding, you can see where you are going, read sign boards, see who’s ahead and safely reach your destination.
  • Avoid Collision: If you don’t have lights on your bicycle and even if you are going on the cycling track, there is a good chance that you will encounter at least one person walking on that track. So to make sure that you don’t collide with them, you need to use the brightest bicycle headlights.
  • Legality: Most of the western countries require people to use bike lights when riding and if people don’t do that, they can even get fined for that. So this is another very important reason to use bike lights.
  • Be Safe: You never know when you get in front of a pole, a parking meter, a manhole or a puddle. If you have the best bike lights for night riding, you can quickly see them and avoid getting in the way.
  • Ride Faster: With the best bike lights for commuting attached to your bicycle, you can see where you are going, who and what’s ahead and whether the whole road is clear or not. This way, you can increase your pace on empty roads and reach your destination quickly.

So these are a few reasons to use the best bike lights for commuting at night, and we strongly recommend that you do use the brightest bicycle headlight to avoid any problem in seeing things.

How many lumens should a good bike light have?

Though it is up to you and how well you can see things in the dark, someone with the eyesight of a regular person should get a decently bright light. The light should be bright enough to be seen in daylight as well.

So if you want to get the best bike lights for night riding, then anything over 200 lumens will cast a perfect beam that will be adequate for you to ride on roads and paths that are unlit.

However, if you know that the usual route you take has ups and downs and hazards, then you may want to go a little higher than 200 lumens and consider getting the brightest bicycle headlight with at least 300 lumens.

Is it illegal to bike without lights at night?

YES! As already mentioned above, most of the western countries do not allow people to bike without a headlight, and you can even get a penalty for that. 

The reason for this is because thousands of accidents occur year involving bikers without headlights, so to make sure everyone stays safe, having a light is required legally.

However, there are some states where getting a LED light for bike may not be a law. But, why would you not get light when it is both safe and legally required by many countries?

You can save yourself and others from getting seriously injured if you do not have a light on your bike. So for your safety, others’ safety and the sake of law, it is crucial that you do get a light for your bike.

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What is the lightest mountain bike for night riding? 

Weight is one of the crucial aspects to consider when getting a bicycle because you will be the one controlling the bike and paddling it as there will be no motor fitted.

So the lighter your bike, the easier and less stamina draining it will be for you to ride around. So to make sure you get the lightest mountain bikes, we have created a list of the ones that are popular for their light weight. Have a look below:

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Where to position bike lights?

Different people have different preferences but to provide you with a general idea, we have some tips regarding positioning. Have a look at them below:

  • Front: When you are placing the lights on the front, mount the light on the handlebar and point it to 3 to 4 feet in the front. This way, you will be able to see what’s ahead pretty clearly. Also, add a flasher LED light on the handlebar so you can warn people about your position.
  • Rear: You should also add a light on the rear so people on your back can see you especially in the night. For that, place the light on the seat post. It should have a side to side flash mode and should be pointed straight so the driver behind you can easily notice you.

These are some tips to make sure that you properly place your lights and stay safe when you are on the road.

The 5 best rear bike light for daytime:

Having lights in the daytime is very crucial for your safety as we have stated above as well. So for that, you need to get the brightest bicycle headlights to ensure people clearly see you coming or going in daytime. 

So for that, you should definitely check out the lights for daytime we have selected for you.

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The five best bike wheel lights:

Having lights installed in your wheels will provide you with the added protection that you will find very useful when travelling at night as people can notice you from sideways as well. Plus, lights in your wheels look awesome as well. So to get a blend of décor and safety, have a look at our top selected best bike wheel lights below:

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How to Install a Bike Light Generator

  • First, see where on your frame you will put the bike light generator
  • Now familiarize yourself with everything that comes with the kit and see if you need any additional thing for fitting the generator
  • This is where you will fit the generator. It is not hard to fit it as you can just fit it with the help of a clamp
  • Make sure that the generator is grounded by ensuring that the relevant screw has got the connection with the metal area of your bike
  • Try out the pedals to ensure the generator is not in your way
  • Connect the lights according to the instructions and in positions that ensure the lights are clearly seen from both front and rear
  • Now comes wiring. There will be a hot wire and a ground wire. The ground wire will be in direct contact with the bike.
  • Fasten power cable that comes from generator box to the remaining wire which is the hot wire.
  • Now wind the wires around the frame using tape, glue or zip ties and you are good to go

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So this is everything that you need to know about the LED lights for the bike. We have also provided you with some of the best bike lights for night riding that also include best road bike lights under 50 dollars, which means you will get these lights at a very affordable price.

Just make sure to properly place the lights on your bike to ensure that you can see things clearly and others can see you clearly as well.

Here is a post on Luxury Way to Light your Closet with the Best Wired Led Closet Lighting. Hope you would love watching this.

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