How to pick the best led interior lights for cars?

Want to get the best LED interior lights for cars but don’t know which one to get? Maybe you are stepping your toe in this vast sea of car interior strip lights for the first time?

Well, newbie or veteran, whoever you are, this guide will help you find the cream of the crop and also how you can install it. So you have a proper end to end solution for your automotive interior LED lighting needs with this guide.

We will start with the basic questions like if you can put the lights in your car or not and will move towards finding the best lights and how to install them with some mind-boggling lighting ideas as well.

We will also provide you with the list of top lights ranging from sound activated ones to Bluetooth interior car lights. So with that said, let’s dive right in:

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Can you put the lights in your car?

Yes! You can absolutely put lights in your car, which are called car interior strip lights that come in all sorts of colors. You can put the strips under the dashboard, around the area of the footrests of front seats, or even put the strips throughout the whole internal boundary of the car.

This is totally your choice, but we suggest that you first see if the area you have selected doesn’t make the interior of your car seem weird.

Though it depends on you when it comes to selecting a spot of the interior that you want to light up, we have also suggested some of the interior lighting ideas below.

Car Interior Lighting Ideas:

  • Light Up That Dashboard: Dashboards look really sweet with some LED lights around them. If you just want to sit in the dark inside your car, turn on some soothing music and fire up those sleek dashboard lights, it’ll be a perfect environment for you.
  • Under The Dashboard: You can also place the lights under the dashboard that will directly light up the area where your feet rest. It is a practical way to keep an eye on where your feet are. It will also help you find things in the dark that you might drop inside the car.
  • The Roof Needs Some Light: Do you have a long car? Perhaps a limo? Well, then what are you waiting for? Decorate its roof with some lights, create a perfectly relaxing environment in the car, and just chill at the back while your drive takes you through the town.
  • Door Panel Needs to Shine: You can also add more style and luxury to your car by adding the automotive interior LED lighting strips to its door panels. We suggest that you do this if you are adding lights to the dashboard as well, it will have a seamless appearance.

How do I make my interior car lights brighter?

If you ask this to a layman, he’ll probably tell you to get good lights, and well, he won’t be wrong, but the question is, what is a good light that is bright enough? This is where the LED lights come into the equation.

There are all kinds of interior light bulbs for cars that you can get on Amazon, but we specifically suggest getting the LEDs because they are brighter, long-lasting, and cheaper.

We suggest that you get the best LED interior lights for cars with high lumens so that it can really shine the inside of your car.

What are the best car interior ambient lighting?

There are tons of best LED interior lights for cars that come in a plethora of colors and sizes, allowing you to easily get the desired feel and mood in your car with just a flick of a switch. 

However, the problem lies in finding the automotive interior LED lighting that can truly give you a bang for your buck.

This is where our guide will help you. We have already scouted Amazon for the cream of the crop and have suggested them at the end of this article ranging from sound activated to Bluetooth interior car lights. So make sure to check them out.

Things you should consider to choose the Best car interior led light kits:

  • Colors: Though it totally depends on what you prefer, we suggest that you should have LEDs that have more than one color so you can set different moods. There are car interior strip lights that have only one to two colors, but then there are some of the best LED interior lights for cars with up to 16 colors as well.
  • Control: There are automotive interior LED lighting strips that have a remote control that you can use to turn them On/Off or change their colors. However, the new Bluetooth interior car lights can be connected to your phone, and you can control them via an app.
  • Effects: The movement of light is also very important. Some have a flickering effect, while others can change colors. It totally depends on the type of effect you want.
  • LED Count: The number of LEDs attached on a strip is also important to look for because it will decide how FULL the strip looks. The fuller it is, the better overall strip will appear. There are light strips with only four LEDs, and then there are also the ones with up to 12 LEDs, so again, it’s your choice.
  • Installation: Ease of installation is perhaps the most important factor when you are finding the best LED interior lights for cars. There are some strips that need hooking up, and then there are some with adhesive on the back, so you need to decide which one is easier for you.

How to Install Car Interior LED Lights?

The process of installing even some of the best LED interior lights for cars can be a bit complex, mainly because of the wiring. So we suggest that you watch this video.

It will help you understand all the ropes of installing the strips properly and also wiring them without you frying the LEDs or the circuit board of your car.

How much does it cost to install LED lights inside your car?

To be honest, it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg to install the interior light bulbs for cars. The main cost depends on the product itself.

If you are getting the best LED interior lights for cars, then you might have to spend a couple of bucks, maybe a few hundreds. You can install the lights yourself and save the labor cost entirely.

Best Multi-Color LED Light Install & Sound Activation

If you want to get the car interior strip lights that sync with the sound coming out of your radio or tape, then Amazon is the best place to get them from.

Here is the list of top ones based on reviews that you can go through and get based on your budget and the features you are looking for.

SaleBestseller No. 1
1 Reviews
Sound Activated USB Star Light Projector with 9 Functional Models, 3...
  • 【 3 Colors 】 The USB star light has 3 lighting modes-Red,Blue,Red&Blue combination.When activated, it will project a star pattern.
  • 【 9 Modes】Green, Red, Green&Red combination, Green&red flashes simultaneously,Voice-activated red light, Voice-activated Green light, Voice-activated Red&Green light,Red flashing, Green flashing,...
  • 【 Sound Activated 】 The light with the sound activated function,when you select this function, the light will flash at the rhythm of the music.
Bestseller No. 2
180 Reviews
LEDGlow 4pc Red LED Interior Footwell Underdash Neon Lighting Kit for Cars...
  • 72 Ultra-Bright Red LEDs with 18 Wide Angle LEDs per Tube
  • Easy to Use Control Box with Sound Activation Option & Sensitivity Wheel
  • Multiple Lighting Patterns Available Include Strobing, Fading, Chasing Effects & 7 Brightness Levels
Bestseller No. 3
1,598 Reviews
LEDGlow 4pc Multi-Color LED Interior Footwell Underdash Neon Light Kit for...
  • Add Ultra-Bright Multi-Color LED Accent Lighting to the Footwells & Under the Seats of Your Car or Truck with 24 SMD LEDs Housed in (4) 9" Tubes with 5' of Wiring
  • 7 Solid Color Modes Include Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Teal, White & Yellow
  • Control Box Modes Include 4 Fading Modes, 3 Strobing Modes, 1 Sound Activation Mode that Reacts to the Music Playing Inside of Your Car & an Auto Illumination Bypass Mode
SaleBestseller No. 4
241 Reviews
BRITENWAY Car Interior Lights Gadget - 7 Colors and Multiple Pattern for...
  • AMAZING LIGHTING EFFECTS: Control your lighting strip’s brightness and select between three flashing modes, including Strobing, Fading, Random and Chasing Effects, to make each ride an unforgettable...
  • SOUND ACTIVATION GETS THE PARTY STARTED!: Turning on the “Sound Active” feature syncs the interior LED lights with the rhythm of the music blasting through your speakers, making your car your very...
  • 3 STEP SETUP: No need to take your car to the shop or spend hundreds of dollars on professional services to install custom LED lighting! our underdash lights come with simple, easy-to-follow...
Bestseller No. 5
31 Reviews
LEDGlow 6pc Million Color Multi-Color Truck LED Underbody Underglow Accent...
  • Add Ultra-Bright Multi-Color LED Underglow Accent Lighting to Your Truck with (2) 46", (2) 36" & (2) 24" Water Resistant Underbody Tubes that House 474 SMD LEDs - Recommended for Crew Cab & Extended...
  • Control Box & Wireless Remote Features 18 Solid Colors, 12 Unique Lighting Patterns, 5 Sound Activation Modes, 5 Speed Levels & 1 Color Cycle Mode
  • Solid Colors Include Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, White, Teal, Light Green, Light Blue, Violet, Lime Green, Medium Blue, Pale Green, Baby Blue, Fuchsia & Lavender
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Best led light strips for car interior:

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If you simply want the best LED interior lights for cars that pack a punch of brightness, long lasting, easy installation and tons of advanced features at an affordable price then check out the ones we have suggested below:

Top picks for color changing interior car lights:

Want to get the RBG lights with the color changing effect? Well, we have researched and shortlisted some of the most awesome lights that can change their color and simply make your car’s interior space more mesmerizing. Have a look at them below:

Recommended car interior lights with sound active function:

Isn’t it fun to listen to music in your car and hang out with your friends on peaceful roads, especially at night? Well, why not make it more fun by installing the sound-activated automotive interior LED lighting that will move with the rhythm of the music. Have a look at the top ones below:

Bestseller No. 1
3,526 Reviews
Interior Car Lights, Govee Car LED Strip Light Upgrade Two-Line Design...
  • ➤Upgraded Two-Line Design - Longer wires, suitable for any model cars. The lights tape's back come with strong 3M adhesive, two lines connect with four strip lights, no need assemble the strip...
  • ➤Two Simple Control Methods - Forget the remote what easy to lose, we provide a more convenient and fashion controller, enjoy to change the color, brightness, music mode. And you can stick the...
  • ➤Music Sensor - Built-in high sensitivity mic, spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically base on the ambient sound, and then the led lights will change their colors following the music...
Bestseller No. 2
3,837 Reviews
Govee Unifilar Car LED Strip Light, MINGER APP Controller Car Interior...
  • ➤Upgraded One-Line Design : The lights tape's back come with strong adhesive, a line connect with four strip lights, no need assemble the strip light, more easy to install and hide, keep your car...
  • ➤Easy to Control : Forget the remote what easy to lose, we provide a more convenient and fashion controller, enjoy to change the color, brightness, music mode. And you can stick the controller on...
  • ➤Music Sync : Built-in high sensitivity mic sound sensitive function, the interior car lights will sync any sound captured from microphone, and then the lights will change their colors following the...
Bestseller No. 3
157 Reviews
OPT7 4pc Kit Aura PRO Bluetooth Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting...
  • OPT7 PROPRIETARY APP- Full Featured OPT7 Bluetooth Enabled App. The opposite of generic.
  • OPT7 DOOR ASSIST – Light up when you open your door. Now with in app color selection. ONLY with Aura Pro.
  • INSTALLATION - 5 Minute Setup with plug & play car charger OR Advanced Setup with easy plug fuse adapters
Bestseller No. 4
47 Reviews
synmixx Interior Car Led Strip Lights - APP Controller Lighting Kits...
  • Over 16 Million DIY Colors - Comes with RGB car led strip, infinitely DIY colors(over 16 million colors)and different tones for selection, you could customize your own unique color modes to make...
  • Music Sound-activated - Our car led lights built-in high sensitivity microphone, spectrum with light and colors adjusting automatically according to the ambient sound, and then the color of car...
  • Waterproof & Widely Application - Our car led strip lights are made of ABS waterproof material. anti-collision, anti-corrosion, the best led lights for cars interior. Fits all types of cars with USB...
Bestseller No. 5
156 Reviews
Car LED Strip Light, Uniwit 4 Pcs Multicolor Music Car Interior Atmosphere...
  • LED Strip with USB cable for Car TV: The led strip lights come with USB cable, powered by DC 5V, not only suitable for car decoration, but also tv bias lighting, home, KTV, party decortaion. Voltage:...
  • 8 Color RGB LED Car Interior Atmosphere Lights, Wireless Music Remote Control enable you to change the color and adjust the brightness as you wish, also Sound-activated Function allow you to enjoy the...
  • Flexible & Water Resistant, Ultra Thin, High quality Music USB LED Strip Light, can be easily installed in the gap and virtually invisible; Fits all Cars with DC 5V usb port and home decortaion, tv...

How do I install LED lights under my car dashboard?

Installing LED lights under the dashboard is not as hard as one might think but the technical stuff needs to be right, or the lights may not even boot up.

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Therefore, we thought that we should direct you to the best source of knowledge on installing lights under dashboards without messing up anything. Just follow the instruction given in this guide, and that’s all.


This is basically all that you need to know about getting the best interior lights for cars and ensuring you get the bang for your buck. We suggest that you check out the ones we have shortlisted and who knows, maybe you discover the light you never knew you wanted in your car. Whichever light you go for, just make sure that it is easy to install and comes with some sort of warranty so you can have peace of mind when buying them.

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