How to Choose The Best Light Therapy Lamp: Complete Guide

Finding the best light therapy lamp can be a hectic task, especially if you don’t really know about them or how they work. Therefore, we have written this detailed guide that will shed light (pun intended) on what SAD light therapy is, what is the use of red light therapy and whether it is effective or not and so on.

We suggest that you keep on reading this guide until the very end to know all about the light therapy and whether you should use it for your condition or not. So with that said, let’s get started:

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Do light therapy lamps work?

If you are feeling depressed, sleeping too much, or have your nights and days mixed up during the months of winter, then you must’ve thought about getting a SAD light therapy lamp. However, you don’t know if it works or not, right?

Well, the light therapy floor lamp is effective and mostly for people who are dealing with seasonal affective disorder sad in which they feel depressed due to the changes in season.

The best light therapy lamps are programmed to positively impact the regulation of serotonin and melatonin, which regulate the mood and sleep-wake cycle of your body. As a result, you feel happy.

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How often should you do light therapy?

Whether it is the white or blue light therapy, the treatment sessions for this can last anywhere from 15 to 180 minutes once or twice a day like normal day light.

This mainly depends on your needs and the equipment you are using. However, we can provide you with a common idea so you can know what to expect.

You can know the average length of a session by knowing the amount of lux illumination it is delivering.

For instance, if a lamp is delivering 10,000 lux and another one is delivering 2,500 lux, then you may only need to use the former one for 30 minutes while the usage for the latter one might be 2 hours.

How long does it take for light therapy to work?

There is no one certain rule for this because it depends on the condition of the person using the white, red, or blue light therapy for SAD.

However, the fastest recovery time some people experienced was in just a few days of using it.

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But if your symptoms don’t disappear, then we suggest that you report this to your doctor and he might increase the sessions of light therapy to twice a day. 

People who start to see some results with light therapy are encouraged to keep doing it until they can go out in the sun again, usually in springtime.

Can you overdose on light therapy?

Light therapy does not involve something that physically goes into your body, so even though it is very effective, there is virtually no chance of you overdosing on it.

However, we suggest that you do not use light therapy when there are less than four hours in your sleep.

This is because light therapy makes changes in your sleep-wake clock, so if you are near your sleep time, the body clock can be disturbed, resulting in you having irregular sleep patterns.

What should I look for in a light therapy lamp?

There are a few things that you should look for when getting the best therapy lamps to increase your chances of getting the best results, have a look at them below:

  • The Type of Lamp: There are different types such as red light therapy lamp, blue light therapy lamp, and sad lamp therapy. These lamps serve different purposes ranging from helping with skin seasonal affective disorder to curing SAD symptoms. So you need to find the best light therapy lamps according to your condition.
  • Brightness: Different light boxes in the lamps produce different lights; one table lamp might have 2500 lux while the other light therapy floor lamp might have 10,000 lux. So you need to check for the intensity you should go for
  • Amount of UV Light: The red light therapy lamps have a UV light in them, which is why they work well for the skin, but if that light reaches your eyes, it can cause damage. However, if you are looking for the bright light therapy lamps for SAD, then they should have UV light filters in place, so you don’t get exposed to it.
  • The Style: Different lamps come in different styles, shapes, and sizes. So you need to first see where you will put it in your home so you can have a quiet and relaxing light therapy session. From a light therapy floor lamp to the mini table version, you can find the design that works for you.

What is the best light therapy lamp?

SAD light therapy lamp or also called the happy light therapy lamp can help in improving the mood and making the user get rid of those winter blues. 

The process of using it is pretty simple; the user needs to sit by the lamp for a few minutes to one hour, depending on the lux intensity.

Another reason why it is one of the best sad lamps is that it comes in different shapes, designs, and sizes, making it easy for everyone to place it in their home.

There are also other types of lamps used for different purposes, such as the red light lamp that is specially designed for treating various skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, and even psoriasis
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  • Adjustable Brightness: Adjust 3 levels of brightness to accommodate the user’s sensitivity to light, environment, and distance from lamp

Can light therapy help with major depression?

There are no studies or results showing 100% effectiveness from only using the light therapy  or light box for major depression as of yet. However, it does help to some extent.

According to the research posted at PsychiatrictTimes, the light therapy used with standard depression treatment involving drugs and therapy shows improvements in the patients.

This means that if you are having symptoms of major depression, and even after using the light therapy, you cannot get rid of them, then you need to consult with your psychiatrist on a priority basis.

Depression is not to be taken lightly, so talk to the doctor and see what he suggests. He may tell you to continue light therapy with other treatments for depressions.

Do light therapy lamps provide vitamin D?

NO! This is a wrong assumption by many people who think that the light source present in the sad lamps can help the skin develop vitamin D. 

The reason for it being wrong is because the UV rays which are present in sunlight are not present in the light source used for SAD therapy. So your body cannot produce vitamin D in such light.

Also, you cannot just compare the quality of organic sunlight with the synthetic manmade light. Sunlight possesses many more essential elements that help in the production of vitals in our bodies. 

However, the UV filtered light in some of the best sad lamps can help regulate the energy levels and natural rhythm of your eyes.

Does light therapy work for wrinkles?

There are various studies out there, and some claim it does work for wrinkles, while some are not so optimistic about its effectiveness.

However, there is some truth to the red light therapy being the fountain-of-youth for many. According to a study done in 2014, red light therapy users experienced a significant increase in the complexion of their skin, along with an increase in collagen.

This means that this therapy protects the collagen you already have while also boosting the production of new ones.

Also, it is noticed that this red light therapy also helps with the skin tone, texture, size of the pore, and even wrinkles.

What are some of the side effects of light therapy?

Just like overdosing on bright light therapy is very rare, it is also rare for people to have side effects from the SAD lamp therapy. However, there is a slim chance that some people may experience some of the following adverse effects:

  • Irritability or agitation
  • The strain on the eyes or headaches
  • Problems in sleep (if you avoid the light therapy during evening time, you might prevent this issue)
  • Blurred vision
  • Tiredness
These are usually mild side effects that don’t stay for long. However, you can never be too careful about your health, which is why we suggest that you should contact your general physician as soon as you start experiencing any of these adverse effects while using light therapy.


Now that you know what SAD light therapy is and how you can find the best light therapy lamps, you just need to see if you really need a therapy lamp or not. Consulting with a psychiatrist will help you understand what kind of depression you are feeling, whether you need any other treatments along with the light therapy and also the amount of light you need to consume each day.

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