How to choose the Best Lights for the living room (Light and Decorate Dark Rooms GUIDE)

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Finding the best lights for the living room which have the combination of adequate brightness and beautiful design can be an arduous task. simply because most of the manufacturers focus more on design rather than the efficiency of light

Therefore, through this guide, not only we will tell you lots of useful things about living room lighting fixtures, amount of light, ideas of lights for living room ceilings but also about the best living room lights that you can buy right now.

best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

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  • Use of table lamps is great, however, sometimes you need the help of an oversized pendant, a large lantern or big living room floor lamps to provide the room with a focal point.
  • You can also add a dimmer to the lights in your living room to adjust the brightness according to your mood and the amount of light the room requires as per the time of day.
  • You should include at least three different light sources that include; overhead lighting, task or table lighting and ambient lighting such as candles, and scones etc.
  • Choosing colored shades will make the light from outside appear cooler or warmer according to the hue you choose which will improve the feel of the room.
  • Lighting dark corners of the room like shelves, closets or cupboards will also make the room brighter.

How can you make the living room look bigger and brighter?

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best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,
  • It is better that you have multiple sources of best lights for the living room as they can distribute the light in a way that will illuminate your whole space.
  • Small living rooms are not better off with luxurious chandeliers because of their size and will make the room feel more compressed. So opt for slender pendants or flush lighting fixtures.
  • Use mirrors in the room to make it look bigger because of the reflection of the image. The light will also reflect in the mirror making the room appear brighter as well.
  • When getting the best living room lights, make sure to go for light and cool colors as they make space feel more airy and open.

Which living room lights is better Cool White or WarmWhite?

Some may argue; light is light whether cool or warm, however, there is a difference between both. Cool white light provides you with a cleaner look that is best for modern kitchens and the areas where you need to make the space feel open and brighter.

And if we talk about warm light, it is better for people who prefer softer light. This type of light is well suited for areas such as lounges, and traditional kitchens with country-like vibes.

And as for best lights for living room, it really comes down to you, if you want brighter room, go with cool white light and if you need softer light, go with warm white.

Types of lighting fixtures producing ambient light for your living room:

There are different types of living room lighting fixtures and to provide you with an idea of some of the most popular ones, we have created a list below:

- Chandeliers that hang from the ceiling

- Pendants that also hang from the ceilings

- Scones at the sidewalls of the room

- Over-head, close-to-ceiling or flush fixtures

- Recessed lights fixed across the ceiling

- Ceiling fan with a light kit attached

These are some of the best lights for living room ceiling and walls, make sure to first see which kind of light source is best for your living room and then decide which one to get.

Top 10 picks of the brightest floor lamps to light a room:

Getting the living room floor lamps with beautiful design is a piece of cake, but getting the combination of brightness and beauty can be a challenging task. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the best living room floor lamps with high efficiency and stylish looks, have a look at them below:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Lantern Standing Floor Lamp with Night...
  • 60.5'' high night light floor lamp. Shade is 13''...
  • This rustic oil floor lamp is a good home decor...
  • Medium base for the main light powered up to 100...
  • This floor lamp uses a 4-way switch controlling...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Arc Floor Lamp with Unique Hanging Drum...
  • 💖【Stylish & Modern Arc Design with Drum...
  • 💖【Flexibility Height and Shade Adjustment】...
  • 💖【Stable Marble Base】 This is a great lamp...
  • 💖【Well Alexa-compatible & Matching Multiple...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Rottogoon Floor Lamp for Living Room,...
  • Extra lamp shades included: our living room lamp...
  • Eye-protect soft light: this standing lamp gives...
  • Long lasting & energy saving: includes a...
  • Convenient pedal switch: easy to turn on/off....
SaleBestseller No. 4
Brightech Mason Arc Floor Lamp - Modern...
  • Corner Floor Lamp for Living Room Decor - Stand up...
  • Sturdy & Heavy Base: The base of Brightech's floor...
  • Alexa & Google Home Assistant Smart Compatible -...
  • 20 Years Lifespan, Energy-Saving & Cost-Saving:...
SaleBestseller No. 5
Floor Lamp with Shelves,Shelf Floor...
  • 【Floor Lamp with Shelves】: Modern floor lamp...
  • 【Energy Efficient 3 Color Temperature LED bulb...
  • 【Humanized Design Floor Lamp】200cm power cord,...
  • 【Minimalism Style Standing Lamp 】Contempopary...
SaleBestseller No. 6
Dimmable Floor Lamp, 3 x 800LM LED...
  • ❤【Updated Stepless Dimming( 0-100% ) Floor...
  • 【Elegant Appearance】With design of the...
  • ❤【68 Inches Floor Lamp】 68 inches height,...
  • ❤【3 x 800 lumens LED Bulbs Included】Our...
SaleBestseller No. 7
3-in-1 Shelf Floor Lamp with 2 USB Ports...
  • 😀The Brown 3-in-1 Cuboid Shelf Floor Lamp: With...
  • 😀Charging Function: The biggest innovation of...
  • 😀Illuminating & Smart Surprise: This shelf...
  • 😀Freedom Display & Storage Combination: The...
Bestseller No. 8
Simple Designs Home LF2000-BLK...
  • Painted Finish
  • White Plastic Shades
  • Floor lamp uses 1 X 100W 3-way type A medium base...
  • L: 20. 47” (including reading light) x W: 11....
SaleBestseller No. 9
addlon Floor Lamp with 3CCT LED Bulb,...
  • 3CCT LED Bulb: The floor lamp has 3 color...
  • Sturdy and Safe: The heavy base of floor lamp can...
  • Quality Lampshade with Soft Light: We provide a...
  • 15mins Easy Installation: We provide detailed...
SaleBestseller No. 10
LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, Mid...
  • High Quality Material: The lamp is integrated with...
  • Stylish Design: LEPOWER wooden tripod lamp fits in...
  • Bulb Requirements: Bulb is not included in the...
  • ON/OFF Foot Switch: A foot switch conveniently...

Living room lighting requirements:

Different types of living room settings require different kinds of lights.

However, for rooms that typically included some upholstered chairs, sofa, and a table with some chairs for studying, reading or playing games would be better off with the light strength of 800 to 1700 lumens.

best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

You can get the best lights for living room within this range if you have the setting mentioned above and it would be enough for you. These can be fixed lights or in the form of lamps; the choice is yours.

Best modern Living room ceiling lighting ideas:

Here are the top three modern ideas of lights for living room ceiling that will make your guest go WOW:

  • Chandeliers lights: Whether you are someone who loves fancy things or someone who has a romantic mood, chandeliers will not disappoint you. They are easy on the eyes and go with the overall decoration of the room. Make sure to explore crystal chandeliers.
  • best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,
  • Flush mount lights: This is a flat fixture that you can easily mount on the ceiling especially if the room has a low ceiling. It looks minimalistic and also evenly distributes the light throughout the room. Though it is not for decorative purpose, it definitely gets the job done very well which is; illuminating the room completely and making it look bigger.

  • best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    Pendant lighting: Last but not the least, pendant provides your living room’s ceiling with a fancy look by dangling down through cords or chains. Though this type of light is typically used in the dining room, it will go well with the living room as well. Not only it is romantic, but it also provides sufficient light to the room.

    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    These three living room lighting fixtures are further categorized into different types so take your time to explore each.

    Living room lighting designs:

    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,
    • Uplights: These offer a wash of light on the wall in upwards direction that makes the wall look very stylish. Uplights are suitable for creating a relaxing atmosphere and also for adding some accent.
    • Downlights: As the name suggests, these lights are similar to uplights but they send a wash of light in the downward direction on the wall. These lights can also provide accent to the wall but they definitely illuminate the ground below them; best for having TV beneath them.
    • Swing Arm Lights: These lights are best for a book worm who likes to sit on the sofa and read their books. They have adjustable parts that can bring the light where you want and in your case, right on your book.

    How to light a living room having no overhead lighting?

    Option#1: Modern Look:

    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    You can use big arc living room floor lamps to have a modern look without the need for an overhead. Here are some steps to do it:

    1. 1
      Decide where the floor lamp will go while making sure that there is an electrical outlet in range.
    2. 2
      Plug in the lamp and adjust its angle according to your liking.
    3. 3
      Now you just need to relax and enjoy the light.
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    Option #2: Draping the Ceiling with Fairy Lights:

    The second option of having the best lights for living room with no overhead is by draping it with twinkle or fairy lights. Here’s how to do it:

    1. 1
      Measure the ceiling and plan how you want to hang the lights.
    2. 2
      Now get the lights according to the length of the ceiling along with a sufficient amount of hooks for fixing them.
    3. 3
      Make sure to get the lights that plug into each other for your ease. Also, place marks on the ceiling where you want to place the hooks.
    4. 4Attach the hooks and then connect the light together to create a string, fix them in the hooks around the room and you are done.
    5. 5
      You can also connect them with remote for ease of use.
    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,
    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    Living room lighting ideas low ceiling apartment:

    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    Hanging lamps for living room:

    If you are searching for the best living room lights consisting of lamps then we have got you covered. Here is a list of best hanging lamps for living rooms that will enhance its lighting and look:

    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    Tall lamps for living room:

    Finding the best living room floor lamps can be a bothersome task mainly because of hundreds of designs that can put you in decision paralysis. So to make it easy for you, we have selected the finest tall lamps for living room so you can choose from limited yet best options:

    best lights for living room, Best Lights for living room: A Guide for Decorating a dark room, ,

    Recessed lights for living room:

    There are different kinds of living room lighting fixtures but out of them, recessed lights have become very popular because of their minimalistic design and adequate light. So have a look at the best recessed lights for your living room:

    Modern chandeliers for living room high ceiling:

    If you are looking for modern chandeliers for living room with high ceilings then you have a variety of options due to enough room to facilitate a medium-sized or even big chandelier. You can browse through Amazon for the modern chandeliers and get tons of ideas but make sure to get the chandelier that is according to the height of your ceiling.

    An elongated chandelier will work well for living rooms with high ceilings because of the vertical visual space it will take up allowing people to clearly see its ornaments from the side.

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    Well that is all that we have for you on living room lights. Remember, the key contributing factor for the balance of brightness and beauty of your room is the combination of living room lights with the size and shape of your room. So make sure to take your time in going through the best living room lights suggestions in this guide, visualize them in your living room and then select the one that complements your room.

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