Can you replace just the pull chain on your light fixture (Explained!)

Can you replace just the pull chain on a light fixture

Do you have a broken pull chain on your light fixture? You can replace just the pull chain on your light fixture. It’s easy to do and will save you money!

Not only is it an easy fix, but replacing the entire fixture isn’t necessary either. Save money and buy one of the replacement chains instead!

You want to replace the pull chain in your light fixture, but you don’t know-how. It’s hard to find a video that shows you step by step how to replace the pull chain on a light fixture.

We crafted this quick guide so you can learn how to replace the pull chain on a ceiling fan or any other light fixture. This is not an easy mission, and it will take some time, but if you follow our steps, it should be relatively straightforward. We hope that this article helps!

Can you replace the pull chain?

Can you replace the pull chain

Yes, you can replace the pull chain on a light fixture.

You don’t have to buy an entirely new ceiling fan or light fixture. Replacing the pull chain is a simple project that you can do in under an hour.

What do you need to replace the pull chain? 

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Flathead terminal screws
  • Pliers,
  • Voltage indicator
  • Electric screwdriver.
  • One voltage tester probe

You also might want to get a replacement pull chain, or at least make sure you know where to purchase one. Many websites sell replacement chains. You can also find replacement pull chains at your local hardware store.

What size pull chain do I need for a light fixture? 

To replace just the pull chain, you need to know what size the pull chain is. On older fixtures, this might take some measuring, but not too much.

On newer light fixtures, you can look at the chain to know what size it is. If you have an older fixture, you might have to buy a pull chain of the same size instead of the exact pull chain you need.

What to do when the pull chain came out of the light fixture?

Most light fixtures will use a spool within the fixture to turn on and off.

However, sometimes you pull the chain attached to this spool, and it breaks or falls off. If this happens, you can still replace it easily if you have the suitable materials.

First, make sure to turn off the power from your circuit breaker. You don’t want to get shocked when you are trying to fix the light fixture.

How to replace the pull chain in a light fixture?

Step by step instructions on replacing a pull chain

Turn off the power to the light fixture. If you have a pull switch, turn that all of the ways off and switch off the energy from the main panel circuit breaker.

If you have a light fixture on the ceiling, it will be easier to replace the chain while it is still in place. You can take the light fixture down by just unhooking some fundamental wiring, but it will be easier if it is still in place.

Take all the glass shades off of the light fixture. You can secure them to one side or the other with masking tape. This will make it easier to work on the light fixture.

After having all of the glass shades off, you can gently pull and remove the actual light fixture. Most of the time, you will just have to unscrew it from where it is fastened into place.

Unscrew the cap from where it is attached. The end of that cap might not come out easily, so don’t be afraid to use some force to unthread it.

Unscrew the wire nuts attached to each of the black wires that go into the light fixture. It will make it easy to work with the fixture and wires.

After removing all of these parts, put them somewhere where they won’t get lost and take the fixture out of the way.

With all of these components removed, you can see where the pull chain was attached. You might have to get up on top of a ladder or step stool, so you can get the right angle to see where the pull chain is wires attached.

You will see where it attaches with a small string that will go around a wheel, and then another piece of string will go around a wheel. ground wire

Remove the two strings and see how they attach on either side of the wheel. You will want to remove the string that goes around the wheel, but be careful not to lose it.

Take a flathead screwdriver and put it in the wheel. Pry the wheel away from where it is securely wired clockwise firmly tighten to the fixture. The wheel will come apart, and you can take out the spool.

Take the spool apart with your fingers, but make sure you are careful not to damage it. If there is a broken pull chain, you will want to remove the damaged switch.

Make sure that the wheel is separated into two parts and then put it back together.

Put the spool back into its housing with the string inside of it. Make sure that you feed both strings through it carefully.

Put the strings around both wheels on either side of the pull chain. Make sure that you keep tension on them as you do this.

Ensure that the string is wrapped around one wheel and then secure it with a wire nut.

Do this for both strings and then secure the spool back into place with a screw.

You will do this by threading the string through it and then tightening that into place.

Reattach the wire connections to both of the wires that go to the light fixture.

Attach the end cap back onto the fixture and put the glass shades back on. Then, turn on your power and test it to see if the pull chain in a light fixture is working properly.

How do i fix the pull chain on my ceiling fan light?

A broken pull chain on a ceiling fan is annoying. This will take you about 30 minutes to fix and save you $50-$100. 

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to replace the pull chain on your ceiling fan light.

If that doesn’t work, try to remove the light bulb in your fixture with one of higher wattage than what came with it originally (the most common cause of this problem).

Once you’ve replaced both parts, test them out before putting everything back together.

Replacing pull chain light switch ceiling fan

The pull chain light fixture ceiling fan is a good choice for the kitchen and bathroom. But it has one big problem; it is hard to change the pull chain when they are broken.

If you have an old light fixture ceiling fan in your home, then the chances are that you’ve experienced this frustration before.

You couldn’t just decide to go out and buy a new fixture because finding a replacement part is next to impossible these days.

And even if you do find one, it will likely cost more than buying a brand-new light fixture altogether!

That’s why we created this video guide on how to replace the pull chain light fixture with our modern LED version that doesn’t require any tools or installation whatsoever!

In less than 6 minutes, you’ll be able to remove your existing ceiling fan pull chain and install a new high-quality pull chain for the ceiling fan.

It’s about as easy as changing a lightbulb – only better! Plus, there won’t be any messy wires hanging down from your ceiling or motionless blades on your fan!

We just need you to watch the video below and follow the instructions. Within minutes, you’ll know how to replace a ceiling fan pull chain and add years of life to your existing fixture!

How much does it cost to fix a broken light fixture pull chain?

It depends on the type of light fixture you have.

Most likely, replacing the pull-chain will cost $20-$50. The price may change depending on the type of light fixture you have and where you live.

For example, if your light fixture has a dimmer switch, it will be cost-effective to fix because of the special wiring required.

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Can you use WD40 on if ceiling fan pull chain is stuck?

WD40 is a penetrating oil and is not meant to be used as a lubricant. It contains ingredients that can deteriorate plastic and rubber. It can dissolve paint and most likely damage the housing of a ceiling fan.

This is why you should use a lubricant that has been specifically designed for many ceiling fans.

Pull chain light fixture alternative (pull chain light fixture replacement)

The pull chain light fixture is notoriously unreliable. It’s too expensive to replace the whole ceiling fan, so you end up with a non-working light fixture in the middle of your room. And it’s not like there are any good alternatives out there.

This step-by-step guide fixes this problem by simply replacing the pull chain mechanism on an existing ceiling fan with our own custom-designed replacement piece that works flawlessly and won’t break down again.

You can even use your existing switch! No more broken chains or dangling lights in your living room or bathroom!

Modern pull chain light fixture alternative

We all want to create a beautiful home, but it is hard when you don’t know where to start. The light fixture with a pull chain is an excellent replacement for most traditional light fixtures.

In the 80s, it was often seen as a sign of bad taste and worked best in modern or contemporary decor.

You can find thousands of ideas online, but the problem with most of them is that they are either too expensive or take forever to DIY. 

The Modern pull chain light fixture is affordable and easy to install – without any wiring needed!

It provides great lighting for your room and doesn’t cost an arm and leg as other modern fixtures do. And if you’re looking for more than just one new fixture in your space, we have many different styles available. Browse around today!

Best light fixture with a pull chain (top picks)

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Can you convert light to a pull chain? (Pull chain light conversion kit)

Yes, but it will depend on what kind of light fixture you have. For example, if you have recessed lighting, then typically, there’s a wall switch.

In this case, you will need to install a pull chain on the other end cap of the wiring, which runs from the recessed light to the wall switch.

If you have a ceiling fan, replacing the pull chain will be much simpler and less expensive than converting an existing light to a pull-chain fixture.

Can you replace pull chain light fixture with a motion sensor?

I have a pull chain light fixture in my bathroom. It’s hideous, and turning the light on/off isn’t very pleasant because you have to reach up there.

What if there was an uncomplicated way to control your light bulb? Motion sensor ceiling fixtures are easy to install, affordable, and convenient.

You can replace any existing lighting with motion sensor ceiling fans or purchase one that is pre-wired into your home. No more reaching up for the old switch – walk under them!

These sensors will automatically detect movement within a specified distance from the fixture and illuminate as soon as they sense someone moving around underneath them.

This feature also makes these fixtures ideal for bathrooms where you don’t want a bright light shining at you while getting ready in the morning (or late at night).

They come equipped with various brightness settings to adjust based on how much natural sunlight is available during different times of day; this helps reduce energy consumption.

Can a pull chain light switch to a wall switch?

No. It is not possible to convert the pull chain on an existing light fixture so that it operates a wall switch – you can’t even buy a kit to do so.

Pull chain light fixtures are designed to work with pull chains, and pull chains by themselves cannot be wired into a wall switch.

The only way to convert a pull chain light fixture to operate with a wall switch is by completely rewiring the existing fixture and installing a new wall switch.

This will require that you hire a licensed electrician to do this work, as it is complicated and dangerous if not done correctly.

Converting a light fixture with a pull chain to an automatic on/off switch is impossible without rewiring the existing wiring and installing a new pull chain switch.

As your light starts to dim, it’s time for an upgrade. The old chain may be worn out and need replacement, or you could convert this fixture so that someone else can operate the pull string when they are too tired from flailing around in darkness themselves!

Wireless switch for pull chain light fixture

We all know that finding the right product for our homes is problematic. The wireless switch for pull chain light fixtures is an excellent choice because it’s easy to install and works with any pull chain light fixture.

This wall-mounted switch allows you to control a ceiling fan or other electrical box from anywhere in the room.

You were no more getting up on a ladder or having cords hanging down from your ceiling! Plus, this brilliant light switch has an integrated LED nightlight, so you don’t have to turn on additional lights when walking through your house at night.

Our readers love this wireless remote control as well because it’s energy-efficient and easy to use!

You can even pair multiple switches together using Z-Wave technology if you’re looking for complete home automation of all of your devices!

Wireless switch for pull chain light

No products found.

Convert pull chain fan to wall switch

A new pull chain fan with a wall switch is the easiest way to fix your pesky problem. It’s easy to convert any ceiling fan from a pull chain switch to a wall switch.

You can easily convert your pull chain light fixture into a wall switch by following this video tutorial from a qualified electrician.

This video shows how to convert a ceiling fan with pull chains into an easy-to-use wall switch that will save you money on your energy bill and make turning the lights on or off safer for everyone in the house.

The only tools required are black wire, white wire strippers, wire nuts, electrical tape, screwdrivers, and pliers. This process should take less than 30 minutes once all of your supplies are assembled!

How to fix a stuck pull chain on lamp? (lamp pull chain stuck)

A pull chain on a lamp is there as a quick and easy fix if you need to turn your light on and off. Sometimes the pull chain gets stuck, and you’re stuck in the dark.

You can try to help it by wiggling it back and forth or up and down, and it might start working again.

That’s what we thought we should do, but we also found some different techniques online to try.

How to fix a pull chain on a ceiling light?

You can try to fix it by wiggling it back and forth or up and down. Also, there are different techniques that you can try online to fix the pull chain on a ceiling light. If you still can’t get your pull chain to work, it’s time to take action. You will have to replace the pull chain.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the pull chain on a light fixture can be challenging to work with. If this is true for you, it may be time to replace the entire fixture or just the pull chain itself. We’ve given you some helpful tips in our blog post that will hopefully help you get your ceiling fan back up and running again quickly! Let us know if we could point out something new about replacing the pull chain on a light fixture that could make things go more smoothly next time around.

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