The ultimate guide for choosing a hardwired motion sensor closet light

hardwired motion sensor closet light

Choosing the right hardwired motion sensor closet light for your home is a difficult task. There are so many options, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need and how much you should spend on the perfect light fixture.

We’ve looked at all the different brands and styles of hardwired sensors to give you a list of the top-rated automatic closet lights.

This way, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy your own.

We wanted to help people find their perfect hardwired lighting system without having to spend hours reading reviews on Amazon or other websites.

That’s why we created this guide that looks at all the top closet lights on the market today and compares them side by side so that you can easily see which ones fit your needs best!

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Are motion sensor lights worth it?

There are so many reasons why you need to invest in a motion closet lighting. Here are the items that have this type of light fixture in your bedroom, closet, or laundry room that will help you out.

I hate stumbling around in the dark when I get up to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, and a motion sensor closet light will help me avoid walking into walls or furniture in my room.

I want a light that comes on when my children come into the room, so I know how to help them get ready for bed or find their way in the dark when they wake up in the middle of the night or the morning.

I want to be able to leave my house without worrying about whether or not I left the light on in my closet before I went to bed.

I want a motion closet lighting that will turn on when my cat runs into the closet in the middle of the night.

I’m looking for a light that will come on automatically when I open my pantry after it’s been closed last if I am trying to find something that I stored in there at night.

A motion closet lighting is the perfect solution for all of these problems and more! You’ll be surprised how you lived in the past without one of these closet lights in your home.

Do motion sensor lights use more electricity?

The use of motion sensors can significantly reduce electricity consumption for lighting fixtures. Though not as effective at detecting people and objects, they do a great job with closet lights!

This is because they can ‘tell’ when there isn’t any movement in the room and automatically turn the light off. To do this, you need to use LED lights that don’t require much electricity.

Differences between motion sensor light fixtures There are two types of motion sensor closet lights, one that turns on when you walk into the room and another that automatically senses motion throughout the whole room.

Both of these types are great at saving electricity, but there are some other differences between them that you’ll want to consider before buying.

The one that turns on when you walk into the room has a much shorter range, so it might not sense motion at the other side of the room if you have a large room.

The motion closet lighting that senses motion throughout the room works great, but it comes with a few drawbacks. One is that you need to use closet lights that are not LED, incandescent or fluorescent. This can be harsher on your eyes when you enter the room after it’s been dark for a while.

Another thing is the lighting might not be as bright in this type of light, so you’ll need more of them to make the room bright enough.

There are many other major things to consider for this type, which you can read in our motion closet lighting FAQ.

How to choose the best motion sensor led closet light

LED closet lights

There are some things to keep in mind when you’re buying a motion sensor light fixture.

One is whether it will replace an existing fixture, which you should consider when buying the light.

For example, if your current fixture has four bulbs in it, you’ll need to buy a motion sensor light fixture that takes four bulbs.

Another is whether or not you’ll be putting it on the ceiling, which will determine what type of installation you’ll need to do.

You also want to remember how many lights you’ll be getting with the fixture and whether or not they will be LED lights.

Some motion sensor light fixtures have a built-in dimmer, while others do not. You’ll also want to consider where you’re putting the light in your room and whether or not it needs to be exposed or recessed.

Our recommendations for buying the best motion sensor led closet light.

If you have a large closet, you might need a few of these closet lights to make the room bright enough. Check below top picks for the best motion sensor led closet light.

Goodland LED closet light with motion sensor

goodland Under Cabinet Lighting 80 LED...
  • 【 SUPER BRIGHT & DIMMABLE 】-- Equipped with 80...
  • 【 4 SWITCH MODES 】-- MODE 1: Always On Mode,...
  • 【 EASY TO INSTALL】-- Paste the magnetic strip...
  • 【 MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS】 -- Under cabinet LED...

The Goodland LED Strip light will make your house a safe and clean place. It’s easy to install in areas without electricity; Goodland also provides you with four switch modes for your choice.

No more switching the closet lights using switches or voice assistant, no worries about it going off when you don’t want it to; life is easier with these little devices!

Features: Built-in 16pcs LED, provide you with soft and natural light. Use 3M tape to install them in the places that you want.

The intelligent in-built light-sensing chip will activate the lighting when you walk into the room. When there’s no motion, it will go into standby mode to save energy.

No switches are required. You can rotate the lens up and down for adjusting the focus, and it can be fixed at optimal brightness.

Motion sensor closet light 120 volts by CORSO

CORSO 16Inch LED Motion Sensor Light...
  • 【Motion Activated】CORSO motion sensor ceiling...
  • 【Daylight Sensor】This motion sensor light can...
  • 【Large Size & Damp Rating】16" Diameter Flush...
  • 【Long Lifespan】Our motion sensor light can...

Maintaining function with style, this versatile CORSO LED Motion Sensing light is just what you need for that hallway that’s always dark.

With adjustable settings of ten to eighty percent brightness, it can be used as a subtle nightlight or more brightly lit entryway fixture.

The 16″ dia., flush-mount ceiling light fixture ideal design for hallways the are ambient light insufficient due to high ceilings or large openings.

Additionally, three motion sensor modes will activate the intermittently visible lights on when people are sensing within 9-18 ft./3 m of detection range, saving energy bills and keeping kids safer in the evenings!

Bright enough to be used throughout your home, this invention comes with a long life span lasting over 50000 hours, equating to 15 years of typical use.

It’s made with high-quality plastic housing for added durability, a high-tech motion sensor, LED panels that help your home or office stay well lit and safe at all hours.

Hardwired led closet light By HARRRRD

Hardwired LED Under Cabinet Lighting -...
  • Experience guilt-free energy efficiency with these...
  • Featuring glare-free illumination and a frosted...
  • Easy to install with all parts included, these...
  • With a hassle-free 5-year warranty and a lifetime...

You stay a lot of time in your closet. In fact, you’re probably there right now scrambling for some clean socks on your way to work. So why not make it a little easier with HARRRRD closet lights from the leading designer of quality LED light bars?

That’s exactly what our 24-Inch led bar is perfect for! This lightweight aluminium design will fill up all your hidden spaces without wasting energy with wide-area light distribution and a glare-free frosted lens. And did we mention it’s dimmable?

It comes with most dimmer switches so you can have just the right amount of brightness–whether that means shining brightly or switching off if it suits you more at night.

Guaranteed installation instructions and hassle-free replacement. We are so assured of the quality of HARRRRD products that offers a one year warranty with every purchase! HARRRRD light Rating: (4.6 / 5) Check Lowest Special Price on Amazon

CALIONLTD closet light motion sensor battery

CALIONLTD Under Cabinet...
  • Motion Sensor Light- Closet lights will...
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT & Long Life -120 LUMENS,21 pcs Super...
  • Easy to Install -Under cabinet lighting easy to...
  • 3 Lighting Modes - Wireless led lights has 3 modes...

With battery power taking up less space than most plugs, our light sensors are perfect for small spaces like closets. 

The 21 high-power LEDs with a 6000K bulb create warm and comfortable lighting that is flicker-free, never causing harmful or distracting flashes in your eyes.

With three modes – always on, auto mode (perfect for the sunrise alarm) and off – you can find the ideal fit to suit your moods with this multifunctional sensor lamp. 

Also easy to install under cubbies or cabinets using magnetic backing, this light is great as an entry point of lighting just after sunset to help you feel safe as soon as possible.

Joyzy automatic closet light

2 Pack Wireless Closet Lights Motion...
  • Natural light: 2 pack, 20cm, 90 lumens. With 24...
  • Two Sensor Modes: 💎Only Motion Sensor Mode,...
  • This light has three cycle modes: Always On Mode,...
  • Super easy to install and detach: No tools needed....

This revolutionary automatic light will bring style and convenience to your morning routine. With sensors that auto-detect when you enter the room, our closet light provides natural daylight for instant color analysis of your wardrobe.

We all know the delightful feeling of waking up on Saturday mornings with time to get creative in today’s dressing session; unfortunately, that only happens about every other day.

If this constantly happens than not, it may be time to purchase an automated changing lamp like this one, which helps build a cohesive look; voila!

With nine colorful LED lights at 6000k temperature (essentially meaning they’re neutral) and an easy installation process, our Joyzy Closet Light will make selecting outfits each day feel intuitive and inspired.”

Hykolity 10 inch flush mount led closet light

Hykolity 10 inch Flush Mount LED Ceiling...
  • ✔ HIGH PERFORMANCE - This modern light fixtures...
  • ✔ ENERGY SAVING - Energy savings of up to 80%...
  • ✔WIDE APPLICATION - Our LED Flush Mount Ceiling...

The Hykolity 10 inch flush mount led closet light is an innovative, stylish fixture that mounts to your ceiling and requires no installation. It installs quickly and easily with the included hardware.

This modern flush mount light fixture is perfect for kitchens, closets, walk in closet, stairwells, hallways, bedrooms, basements, bathrooms washing rooms – in fact, it can be used any place a need a sleek touch of light!

5-year product warranty on this high-quality flush mount light ensures you will enjoy long-lasting satisfaction from this easy-to-install LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light.

How to wire motion sensor to the existing light?

The problem is you have a light that does not have a separate switch, and the motion detector is wired to a switch.

There are a few different ways to wire your motion detector. In utmost situations, you can do one of two things:

1) Install a remote control in line with the motion detector wiring.

2) Use a 4-way switch to control your light. This requires an understanding of the wiring rules that must be adhered to.

In both cases, you have to have a positive switched feed to the motion detector.

Do motion sensors work with LED lights?

To get the most out of your motion LED closet lighting, it is important that you have a bulb with enough wattage.

Many people use LEDs because they only emit light while being switched on and do not waste energy by constantly glowing even when off as traditional bulbs do, but this may be too much for certain electronic switches found in some sensors which need an affirmative signal from their power source before turning them ‘on’.

If your home’s lights are controlled remotely through electricity, make sure there aren’t any low-watt LED strips installed; these require minimum load (or activation) levels, so they won’t work properly if triggered without receiving adequate electrical impulses.

How to install a motion sensor light in a closet?

It’s easy to set up a motion sensor with LED lights in your closet.

All you have to do is mount the light fixture onto the wall or ceiling, ensuring there is enough room for the motion to be detected. Then, use an extension cord if necessary to plug the light into a nearby wall outlet.

By following these easy steps, you will be able to enjoy your new motion LED closet lithonia lighting with an LED bulb in no time.

How much does it cost to have a motion sensor light installed?

If you plan to install your motion sensor LED light, you will want to make sure that you purchase an LED light fixture, as this varies greatly in price.

Also, remember that you will most likely need to purchase an extension cord as motion closet lighting must be plugged into a nearby power source.

Also, remember that you will need to purchase your own motion LED closet lighting as most LED light fixtures do not come with sensors included. Make sure that the motion sensor and LED light fixtures are compatible before you purchase, as combining them can cost much more.

For this reason, it might be worth the investment to hire an electrician to install your motion sensor LED light for you.

How do you change an LED light fixture?

Changing a light bulb is easy enough, but changing LED light fixtures requires a bit more forethought.

Since LED lights are pricey to replace, you want to make sure that your new fixture will fit properly and look nice.

If you plan on mounting the new LED light in the same place as the old one, you will need to make sure that the new fixture has an opening and a cut-out that lines up with your ceiling.

For safety reasons, make sure your new LED light has the same wattage as the old bulb.

Commonly Asked Questions about motion sensor lights (FAQ)

Does a motion sensor light need a switch?

Motion sensor puck lights are automatically turned on when movement is detected. Therefore, depending on the type of motion sensor you have installed, you may need a switch nearby.

Can LED lights be used in the closet?

Yes, there are very few motion sensor LED lights that you should not use in your closet. If you have a low-wattage LED strip light installed, you may run into problems as the sensors need an affirmative signal from their power source before turning them ‘on’.

Do motion sensor lights turn on when the sun is bright?

Motion sensors work by detecting passive infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye so that it will activate at any time of day.

Are motion sensor lights an energy efficient option?

Motion sensor LED lights can be an excellent way to save energy. Automatically turning off when nobody around means you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them back on.

How long do motion sensor lights last?

Motion sensor puck lights should work for around 25,000 hours which is a little over two years when used for 10 hours a day.

Is there a motion sensor light that is hardwired?

You can find motion sensor lights that are hardwired. Keep in mind, however, that some of these hardwired lights may end up costing you more money, as there is a possibility that they will need to be professionally installed.

How many lumens does a closet light need?

You must have enough light in your walk in closet. For a 7-foot by 10-foot walk-in, 70 square feet requires at least 1,400 lumens of bright white light. This will allow for proper visibility and safety when accessing clothing or otherwise working inside the space.

What lights are allowed in closets?

The U.S. government has harsh guidelines on the use of lights in closets, regulated by the electrical codes in each state. The following should be observed: LED Closet lighting should be wired, so the wall switch controls it.

Is motion sensor light expensive?

Motion-sensor lights are priced around $15 to $30, with the higher end of that range being the most expensive.

How many lumens do you need to see at night?

The specific number of lumens you need to see in your walk-in is dependent on the dimensions of the closet. The general rule for any space is that 15-20 lumens per square foot are needed. This comes out to roughly 400-700 lumens for a 7- by a 10-foot walk in closet.

How to ask for help with motion sensor light?

It’s always a good idea to ask an expert if you’re having trouble installing a motion sensor light. Many customer service representatives will be happy to help you and avoid both of you having to pay for another installation.

What does closet rated mean?

Closet-Rated Certified products are comprised of top quality materials and have passed an evaluation to ensure they meet UL’s standards. These LED lights can be installed in the storage area for clothes closets, ensuring your walk in closet stays lighted up!

Can you put a light switch in a closet?

Switch-controlled lighting is “best practice” for the walk in closets. Although the Code does not precisely define what a closet should look like, most code experts recommend having at least one ceiling fixture controlled by wall switches near entrances that measure 50 square feet or larger – this will allow you to easily turn on your favorite clothing as soon as they’re dropped off!

Does the motion sensor light bulbs work through glass?

The motion sensor waves can pierce the glass, veneer and walls to detect any movement. The led sensor also will turn on if a pet or person walks by it, and radar sensors that are sensitive enough that they’ll activate when you enter their field of view!

Will motion light bulbs work in any fixture?

A remote motion detector is a better choice for those who have an existing light fixture. You can link it to any decorative or even just bare wire, mount it discreetly off the side and let your imagination go wild with what else this new addition might do! The toughest part about making these sensors happen may be running some wires from their connection points on either fixture—you’re only limited by how creative you won’t get when designing yours next time around!

Can motion sensors work through walls?

They can sense motions over large zones because radio waves are at frequencies that pierce most walls. They’re identified in multiple locations, not only where there is a transmitter or receiver for them to work on. Motion activated lights work better with line-of-sight, so they need to see the movement you’re making. If there’s a wall, they need to be able to see over it!

How does motion sensor light work?

Motion-sensor lights are powered by batteries, electricity, or solar energy efficient. They are equipped with a sensor that detects approaching objects by picking up on their heat signatures or the passive infrared waves they emit.

What should you do if the motion sensor light doesn’t work?

Motion detector lights are designed to turn on when they detect movement from up to 20 feet away. If your motion detector puck lights aren’t turning on, make sure the battery is fully charged and check to make sure there aren’t any obstructions that would prevent the sensor from detecting movement. If this fails, call a professional to solve the issue.

Do motion sensor lights deter crime?

Motion activated lights offer an effective and cost-efficient way to increase the security of your home. They provide a bright floodlight that will turn on as soon as a person approaches your home, deterring burglars and intruders who rely on darkness.

Can you install a motion sensor to an existing light?

You can simply add a motion sensor to existing closet led light fixture by adding adaptive tools, such as the Motion Sensing Lights Socket. It’s easy to install and fits maximum standard cord sets.

Are motion sensor lights dangerous?

Motion-sensor lights are not considered to be a serious or expensive fire hazard. However, energy-saving LED lights can pose a risk if they are plugged in at places where children play. The temperature of the LED lights can rise quickly if it’s covered with a tight-fitting garment or blanket, which poses a risk of fire.

How do you turn a motion sensor into a light?

Motion sensor lights are designed to turn on when they detect movement from up to 20 feet away. You can easily and inexpensively convert any light bulb into a motion detector light by using the Motion Activated Light Bulb Socket.

Can you put recessed lighting in a closet?

You know that the best way to keep your clothes clean and free from wrinkles is by storing them in a closet, but did you also know there are some guidelines? If it’s an incandescent light fixture or LED recessed lights, then they need at least six inches away from any surface where something could touch. And if nothing else works for you- try using clearance hangers!


Motion sensor lights are a great way to conserve energy efficient, save money on electricity bills and feel safer in your home. While they might not work with all LED light bulbs, there are plenty of options that will fit the bill for you! With so many different types of motion sensors out there, it can be not easy to know which one is best. Have you tried any yet? If not, let us help take some guesswork out by recommending our favorite hardwired LED closet lighting system below. It’s easy-to-install, doesn’t require an electrician or wall wiring experience and saves up to $80 per year in electricity costs when used 8 hours every day!

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