Daymaker Headlight: What you need to know before buying a new LED headlamp?

daymaker headlight

I love riding my Harley davidson, but it’s hard to see the road in front of me. The Daymaker Headlight is an LED headlight that offers a brighter, more powerful beam pattern than ever before.

It has been designed specifically for motorcycles and comes with a built-in heat sink for superior performance even when temperatures are high.

This light also features an innovative lens design that provides the perfect blend of long-distance illumination and short distance focus.

Here are a few more things you should know before plunking down your hard-earned money for this new Headlight.

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DOT 7 Inch Motorcycle LED Headlight...
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  • Non-destructive installation, real plug and play,...
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  • DOT, SAE, E-Mark approved on the top, high beam...
7 Inch LED Headlight with 4.5 Inch...
  • It's styles are different from others and only in...
  • Super Bright: 4000LM high beam, 2800LM low beam...
  • Easy to Install: Plug and play design. Usually...
  • High Impact Resistance: Polycarbonate lens is...
VZ4X4 7 inch LED Headlight Fog Passing...
  • Fitment: Fit for Road King, Street Glide, Ultra...
  • Feature: VZ4X4 Headlight is with Double Lens,...
  • Specifications: 4000lms on high beam, 2600lms on...
  • Certifications: DOT& SAE approved, E-Mark Rating
7" Motorcycle LED Headlights for Harley...
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】Made of Durable Aluminum Housing...
  • 【MUCH BRIGHTER】Our led motorcycle headlights...
  • 【FITMENT】Fit any motorcycle with 7inch...
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TRUCKMALL 7 inch LED Headlight Fog...
  • Fitment-- Fits for Road King, Street Glide, Ultra...
  • Enhance Driver Visibility-- Top Automotive-Grade...
  • Well Constructed-- Made of Polycarbonate lens,...
  • Scientific Optic Design-- Color Temperature:...

What is the Harley Daymaker headlight?

This light has been specifically designed for Harley-Davidson’s 2013-2014 tour models. It provides a brighter, more powerful beam pattern than ever before.

This Headlight has been designed to meet the stringent demands of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It has also been designed to provide superior performance in even the highest temperatures.

The Daymaker is built with a heat sink, a characteristic found in many other LED headlights.

Harley Daymaker Headlight: Top Features

  • Built-in heat sink for superior performance.
  • Innovative lens design provides the perfect blend of long-distance
  • illumination and short distance focus.
  • Provides both low beam and high beam function, with a high beam that is 9x brighter than standard lights.
  • It can be used in conjunction with H-D Tri Glide Daymaker accessories.

Harley Daymaker Headlight: What the Reviews Say

Most of the reviews for this new Headlight are very positive. People love how powerful the beam pattern is and how it illuminates the road more clearly.

People also really like this Headlight’s design and think it is a vast improvement over the traditional headlamps that Harley-Davidson has been affixing to their bikes for decades.

Many users have reported that they notice a vast improvement in the visibility of the road ahead of them when using this Headlight.

Many people have stated that they now feel safer while driving at night with this Headlight. They no longer have trouble seeing as clearly as they used to, and overall, the majority of users are very pleased.

A few customers have reported that this Headlight is not as bright light as they had expected. However, these people also stated that the price of this Headlight is well worth it for the improved visibility you’ll receive.

Harley Daymaker Headlight: What We Think?

Are daymaker headlights worth it?

We love the Daymaker LED headlight. It’s great to see Harley-Davidson stepping up their game when it comes to motorcycle accessories.

This new Headlight is very useful, and it makes driving at night much safer.

The price tag of this Headlight may deter some people, but we think that it is worth every penny. This light provides clear and bright light on the road ahead of you for a long distance.

This Headlight is crucial for the times when it’s dark, and visibility is low.

This is not an accessory that you can simply “do without” because it is useful and very safe. The design of this Headlight is perfect for motorcycles, and we love the fact that it has a built-in heat sink. This Headlight is worth the money, and it’s a great investment for any motorcyclist.

Harley Daymaker Headlight: Bottom Line

The bottom line for this new Headlight is that it’s awesome. You’ll be able to see clearly at night with this Headlight’s improved lighting functionality.

People who have purchased this Headlight love it, and it is safe to say that you would be satisfied with your purchase if you decide to get it.

This Headlight is definitely pricey, but it also provides increased visibility for a long distance, and it is crucial safety equipment.

Who makes daymaker Headlight?

The Harley Davidson re-branded LED headlight. Here is the perfect example of how they have their iconic logo embossed and very rounded lines surrounding four different projectors that are unique to this model only!

Harley-Davidson makes the Daymaker headlight, and it is available for purchase at Harley-Davidson local dealerships . You can also purchase this Headlight online at sites like Amazon.

How many lumens is the Harley daymaker?

The harley davidson Daymaker will produce around 1400 lumens of light. This is quite a bit of light that will illuminate the road ahead of you for a long distance.

It’s also very bright light at close distances, and this Headlight is ideal for everyday driving.

The Harley davidson daymaker version of the Headlight is a more subtle and creative design with an embossed logo, made for bikers who want to be noticed.

The rounded lines surrounding each projector produce roughly 1 700 lumens from their justice-blue emitting light making these lights ideal even on older bikes without built-in bulbs!

What size is a Harley headlight?

Harley-Davidson makes the Daymaker LED headlight in four different sizes: small, which is ideal for those with motorcycles that have a low windshield; medium, which is perfect for those who need a headlight that will provide long-distance illumination; and large, which works well for those who want to improve the visibility of their brake lights or turn signals.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles LED Headlights 5.75 Inch 

If your motorcycle does not have an LED headlamp, you can purchase a 5.75-inch LED headlight for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. This Headlight fits all motorcycle models, and you can attach it to the front fork of your bike within minutes.

3 Best Daymaker headlight for Street Glide (daymaker headlight amazon)

1. Daymaker headlight road glide (Best LED headlights for Road Glide)

The RV5 light emits a powerful white light by using the latest Cree LED lights. Leveraging dual-level illumination, it features two output settings – high and low beams – specifically designed for night driving.

The product is US DOT compliant to ECE/DOT standards, so you can feel confident riding with this upgraded lighting system installed on your bike. It’s compatible with all Harley Davidsons 10-11″ Road Glide models 2004-2013.”

If you need to buy the best Headlight to help you see more while you ride, then get Dual Headlights without hesitation!

The beautiful chrome design combined with black housing makes these headlights one of a kind. The RV5 Headlights emit optimal white light effortlessly via Cree LED lightsTechnology, and the high-powered LED headlights bring out the true color of your bike.

The Headlight is also US DOT compliant to all ECE/DOT standards, so you can have confidence with your upgraded lighting system installed.

90W 5.75" Dual LED Headlight for...
  • Safe Ride: DOT, SAE, E-Mark approved, legal on the...
  • Be Visible: Cree LED chip enhance the visibility...
  • Installation Friendly: With installation...
  • Universal Application: for 2004-2013 Har-ley road...

2. VTX daymaker headlight review 

You’ve been looking at the SLK-Lights VTX 5 3/4″ LED Black Daymaker Headlight Kit, and we have a package for you! Take advantage of this perfect day as your headlights illuminate the world.

Contrasting warm amber with cool blue, our Headlight will help you navigate any city or country at night. Commuting to work is now less daunting as these lights conspicuously put other motorists on notice.

Watch those shadowy figures from afar now that road washers can’t shake your gaze away. With 50k hours life span and fully compatible with Honda VTX models 2002-2009, this is an investment well worth making.

The simple installation doesn’t require load resistors or recalibrating any system on your motorcycle. It’s a cinch to operate with the two-button design and plug-and-play feature.

🇺🇸 SLK-Customs VTX 5 3/4" LED...
  • 🇺🇸 HONDA VTX plug and play kits, available...
  • 🇺🇸 INCLUDED - BLACK 5 3/4" LED Headlight,...
  • 🇺🇸 DOT approved Daymaker, LED high beam 40w,...
  • 🇺🇸 PLUG AND PLAY for Honda VTX. No load...

3. Daymaker headlight Sportster (best-led Headlight for Sportster)

This box of sunshine will light up your life! SUNPIE motorcycle LED headlights are perfect any time of day and for every ride. With 5000-5200K color temperature, so they’re crunchy and clear during the day or night, eye-catching design on both sides, DOT approved, waterproof ip65 rated and shockproof to keep them shining in all conditions. Count on us for a powerful performance that’s just the best at getting you there day or night.

Sportster Built using the latest Cree LED technology; this highly efficient system emits bright white light with low power consumption.

The durable aluminium alloy housing ensures a long service life even through rough weather conditions. The Headlight has two light modes: high beam and low beam.

You can adjust the light beam angle to suit your needs with a simple press of a button on the back, and the waterproof design makes them suitable for use in both rain and snow.

The product comes with detailed instructions, so it’s easy to install, and the wiring doesn’t require load resistors or any other additional equipment.

The dual Headlight effortlessly emits optimal white light using the latest Cree LED technology, so it’s well worth considering if you want to make the roads even safer without spending lots of money.

SUNPIE Motorcycle 5-3/4 5.75 LED...
  • Compatible with dyna,low rider,wide...
  • DOT,SAE,E-Mark approved, legal on the road,...
  • Super bright light pattern over standard...
  • NOTE: Add the bucket ASIN: B0751BXX9B if it...

Commonly Asked Questions about Daymaker Headlight Road King (FAQ)

How far should a motorcycle headlight shine?

The distance a motorcycle headlight should shine is about 200 yards. The Daymaker Headlight Road King will shine much brighter and further than that! When you set up your light, it’s important to be mindful of the line in between and make sure that they both stay at least two feet apart. The first will reference how far up or down you want to adjust light; when making another horizontal line below this (second mark), use their height as CORRECTION MARKER with where we want our spotlight shining!

How high should your headlights be aimed?

Installing fog lights and aiming them correctly is important for your safety. We recommend measuring the distance from where you’ll be sitting (in this case, behind either side or under an object) to where they will shine so that it’s accurate enough not only when driving but also during parking lot visibility tests at night time!

This goes without saying: always read through owner’s manuals thoroughly before installation because there may be some different requirements than what was mentioned in-between pages ready? This includes aligning headlamps concerning each other depending upon manufacturer recommendations; check out which company recommends 33 feet while another says 10 feet.

What is the perfect way to aim headlights?

Using a tape measure or ruler, you can place it on the ground and line it up with the front of your bike. Take a look at headlights from a distance and start turning them so that you can get a side view to catch where the light is currently shining. If you go off to one side, double-check from the front again so that it’s not too high or low.

Is it difficult to aim a motorcycle headlight?

Yes, it is a little bit challenging to align headlights on motorcycles because there’s only one way to use a tape measure without influencing the position of your Headlight.

How do you adjust the headlights on a VTX 1300?

To ensure that your VTX 1300 is always lit up the correct way, place a strip of tape on either side at 2 inches below its height. Rotate both screws with your screwdriver until they’re set for lower beam or higher setting; 5 o’clock will project more Light downward than midnight.

How do you change a headlight bulb on a VTX?

Eliminate the old bulb and change it with a new one. There are two joints in this process, so get ready! First, remove the headlight ring by pulling on both ends of its connector at once until you can see them snap off from each other or break off completely (depends if they’re attached). Then pull out any bulbs that may still be there while being careful not to damage your vehicle’s wiring harness – just twist gently but firmly when removing these light fixtures because some have fragile glass lenses too-and set aside for later disposal/recycling according to local laws where ever you live.

What size are Honda Shadows?

Honda Shadows come in two different sizes: 1300 and 1800.

How to adjust Honda Shadow motorcycle headlight? 

The best way to adjust the headlights on a Honda Shadow is to use the screwdriver that comes with it. You’ll need to pull out the screws on both sides of where the bulb is placed to adjust the right height of your headlights, then just push it back into place.


The Harley davidson Daymaker Headlight is one of the most popular headlamps on the market today. It uses LED lights which are brighter and last longer than other types of lightbulbs, meaning you’ll save a lot more money in the long run with this product! The price tag might seem high at first, but it’s worth it, given how much time and energy they will save you down the road. If you’re looking for a great LED headlamp that will give off tons of light while still being comfortable to wear all day – as well as night- then we highly recommend checking out the Harley davidson daymaker Headlight!

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