The Definitive Guide About LED under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable “How to pick & Where to place”

Whether you are looking for the best led under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable lights or the battery operated kitchen cabinet lighting, you first need to learn what purpose they serve and what their benefits are.

This guide is all about that and more:

We will tell you the general benefits of LED under shelf lighting, how to choose the best ones, what their different types are, where to install and how to install them. This guide is created after a lot of research which means all the information here is concrete so you don’t have to go anywhere else. So with that said, let’s get started with this definitive guide about led under cabinet lighting:

Benefits of LED Under Cabinet Lighting:

  • Adds Elegance: Putting up led cabinet lighting will add a degree of uniqueness to your home or office. If you add them under kitchen cabinets, countertops will shine and if you add under shelf lighting above bookcases, your office will look very elegant and sophisticated.
  • Eliminates Shadow: The best feature of under cabinet lighting is that it reduces or eliminates shadow that is created under cabinets and countertops because the ceiling or wall light falls on cabinets. If there is a kitchen cabinet lighting, your countertop will be bright.
  • Bulb Variety: Although we are talking about LED cabinet lighting, you have a variety of bulbs to choose from including fluorescent and Xenon that you can program or control using a dimmer.
  • Energy Efficient: If you install the LED under cabinet strip lighting, you will be saving a good chunk of money in the long term because LED runs on low voltage and gives very bright light.
  • Easy Installation: Installing under cabinet light is not a difficult task and can be done on your own as well. Keep reading this guide to know how to install them.

How to Pick the Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

  • Check the styles of the lights as they are available in both linear and puck styles. See which one you like the most.
  • Make sure to go for led under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable lights and not the battery-operated ones because you don’t have to be concerned about their batteries running out especially while you are cooking.
  • Something between the temperature of 2500k and 6000k will be perfect for home or office use. See which type of color temperature you find most likeable in this range.
  • Make sure to get the type of light from either bar or puck according to the space available under your cabinets.
  • You can switch the lights on/off using sensors, remote and switch. Make sure to get the type that is most convenient for you.
  • Getting lights with dimmers that allow you to set brightness from 0% to 100% should be pretty useful.

Recommended Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting Hardwired  

"Best Under Cabinet Lighting Options"

Battery operated under cabinet lighting:

This type of lights are not the led under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable because you don’t link them with switch. Instead, you put the battery in them and you need to change the battery when it runs out. It’s most useful for places with frequent power issues.

Remote control under cabinet lighting and motion sensor

As the name suggests, these are the lights that can be controlled using a remote control. These are very convenient as you can just turn off the lights or turn them on from the dining table. There are more options in the remote such as dimmer, color changing, temperature changing and more.

Low voltage under cabinet lighting

These lights provide the same output while taking lower voltage and are mostly LED lights. If a light consumes 120 volts to offer good brightness, these low voltage lights will do the same in 12 volts. A good option for saving energy.

Under-cabinet fluorescent light fixtures

If you like the vintage long tube style lights then you will surely love these. You can conveniently install them under the cabinets and the best part is that a few of these will light up your whole countertop. However, you need to remember that these are fluorescent lights and not the LED ones.

Hardwired under cabinet puck lighting led

These are the led under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable lights that you can install in horizontal shape under the cabinet. The best thing about puck lights is that you can always add more lights by simply linking the wires of new ones with the old ones, no need to do the installation process from scratch. These are best if you plan on adding more cabinets to your kitchen in the future.

5000k under cabinet lighting  "Daylight led under cabinet lighting"

If you want to replicate the brightness of daylight under your cabinet then the kitchen cabinet lighting with 5000k temperature will be perfect for this purpose. If you have a kitchen that doesn’t receive natural daylight, you can create a sense of daylight on your countertop using these lights.

12 inch led under cabinet lighting

If you like the old-school looking tube lights but don’t want to get as big as fluorescent lights we discussed above then these are just perfect for you. You can install these above different areas of the countertop that need light the most and enjoy warm or cold light depending on the temperature you get. Furthermore, unlike the fluorescent lights, these 12-inch lights come in LED form so you can save energy as well.

Thin under cabinet lights

As the name suggests, these are ultra-thin light strips that have LED lights in them. Not only you will save a lot of space but if the edges of your cabinet are outwards, you can easily place them behind the edges to give an appearance of light on the countertop without a source. You can connect strips with each other to continue adding them for as long distance as you want.

Built-in under cabinet lighting

If you want a clean and minimalistic look, you can go for the built-in under cabinet lights. These lights are fixed in the sockets that are integrated into the cabinets. This means you don’t have to go through the tiresome process of installing the whole light along with its socket in the cabinet, just plug these in the already installed sockets and you are good to go.

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Where to place under cabinet led lighting?

When it comes to installing the led cabinet lighting, you have to first determine the purpose these lights will serve. Do you need them for performing tasks or do you need them for styling to make your kitchen countertop stand out? We will tell you where to install LED lighting for both purposes below:

  • Task Lighting: This is where your goal is to light the worktop so you can clearly see what you are doing under the lights. So here, you will install the lights towards the cabinet’s front. This way, you will get the best light spread to effectively carry out your kitchen tasks.
  • Style Lighting: If you already have a source of light in your kitchen that is enough for you to work and you just want to make your kitchen countertop appear unique and fancy then you will install lights at the back of the cabinet closer to the wall. This way, dramatic effects will be created and you can also install color changing lights to mix things up a bit.

So these are the places where kitchen cabinet lighting will work the best. Make sure to first stick lights using a light tape, turn them on and see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you can always remove the tape and try different positions.

How to install under cabinet lighting hardwired?

There are different ways people install led under cabinet lighting hardwired linkable lights but all of them require technical steps like making way for wire, attaching the lights under the cabinet, and making the connection of the lights with the switch.

So, instead of explaining everything in a lengthy and complex way through text, we thought it is better if you watch a video explaining and showing everything in detail. So for that, we recommend watching this YouTube video. You can also search on YouTube for more videos depending on the type of lights you have.


Well, that is all about the led cabinet lighting, their benefits, how to choose them, and where to install them. We hope you have gotten some valu​​​e out of this detailed guide because that is our only purpose; to offer genuine value to our visitors.

Just make sure to first decide whether you want to get lights for styling purpose or for working purposes and then get the type of lights accordingly. This will make it easier for you to determine where to place them and how to install them.

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