Neewer ring light review (2021 Complete Evaluation & Guide)

neewer ring light review

Are you looking for a detailed Neewer ring light review? Maybe you want to know whether to buy Neewer ring light Amazon or not? Well, then you are at the right place.

This review will discuss everything that is important regarding this ring light. And the right sizes you should buy as per your need. So with that said, let’s get started:

If You are in A Hurry! check Below different Neewer ring light size comparison table:

Neewer Ring Light Kit
Neewer Ring Light Kit

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Is Neewer a Good Brand?

The first and most important part of the Neewer ring light review is whether this brand is worth buying from or not?

Well, a good thing is that it is worth the money, especially if you need value for money.

Let’s see some key benefits of buying products from Neewer:

Customer Trust:

If you just search Neewer ring light Amazon on Google and go to one of their product listings, you will see hundreds of reviews, and in most of the feedbacks, people are raving about them. This level of trust alone that people have put on them and their products makes them a good brand.

Range of Products:

The best part about buying from Neewer is that they have a massive range of lights and other accessories. Whether you need a 10”, 14”, 18” or 20” ring light, you can get it from them. Furthermore, they offer supporting accessories like reflectors and softbox diffusers, etc.

Fit For Everyone:

Whether you are a TikToker, YouTube vlogger, makeup artist, barber, or someone who just needs some even lighting for their makeup, Neewer ring lights are for you. This versatility makes Neewer a one-stop-shop for adults, children, and even the elderly who like to take frequent selfies.

Value for Money:

If you search for the best ring lights on Amazon, you will come across multiple brands selling them. However, if you analyze the prices and the reviews for each of them, you will see that Neweer is selling the best products as per the price point and positive review ratio.

How Neweer Ring Light can Help with a Clear Vision and Amazing shots?

The two things that you need to keep in mind when doing photography or video shooting include; object enhancement and shadow control.

You should have dimmable light that you can use to control how much you want to highlight a specific object and enhance its features.

Furthermore, the light should be soft without giving out dark shadows. With the help of Neewer ring light, you can get a clearer image with the excellent enhancement of objects in focus.

Plus, you can bend the light from its neck to reach specific angles and control the shadows.

Does ring light size matter & What is the best ring light size to get?

Yes, the size does matter when it comes to ring lights. In this Neewer ring light review, we will tell you why it matters and what the best ones to get are.

So if you want softer light, go with the broader ones. Furthermore, the bigger the ring light, the more light output you will get. So if you have a studio or large places, we suggest that you look for 18” LED ling right.

If the space is small and you will be focusing on small objects, then get smaller lights that have a more focused and narrow light. Explore 10” and 14” lights for this purpose.

Neewer ring light ALL sizes comparison:

Neewer Ring Light bulb 10-inch (Selfie Ring Light)

This is the basic one and works perfectly for people who don’t have a professional setup. Beginner YouTubers or TikTokers can start using this ring light. It has an outer diameter of 10 inches, color temperature ranges between 3200k and 6000k and has 90 LED bulbs inside.

Neewer Ring Light 14-inch diffuser

This ring light by Neewer comes with a 14-inch outer diameter while the inner diameter is 12 inches.

The main difference between this one and other sizes is that it has 180 LED bulbs inside and up to 5500k color temperature making it the best Neewer ring light bulb for people who are on a tight budget and need above-average light for professional use.

Neewer upgraded 18-inch led ring light (Metal Lighting Kit)

This one comes with an 18-inch outer diameter and has a wider light spread as compared to the previous two sizes. the main difference between this one and other Neewer light sizes is that it contains 240 LED bulbs.

The importance of Good Lighting:

Good lighting, if used correctly, can do wonders for your photo or video shoot. It is perfect for balancing out the colors, enhancing objects, controlling shadows and even generating different color effects. Let’s see why good lighting is important in this detailed Neewer ring light review:

  • Emphasis on Details: Because of the structure and design of the ring lights, they are perfect for putting focus and details on a specific object. You can use the cameras between the holes at the center of light to put the focus on the objects you view in the camera.
  • Perfect Macro Photos: Do you love macro photography? Well, then you can evenly distribute the prismatic halo ring light on a model’s every side. Use the flexible neck on the best Neewer ring light bulb to do so.
  • Color Effect Generation: The best Neewer ring light bulb that we have suggested in this guide have the ability to adjust the brightness level. Furthermore, they come with color filters that you can use to change the colors. you can also apply some colored gels on different parts of the ring light to generate different effects at once and take your photography level to the sky.
  • Excellent Makeup Partner: Do you know how important it is to have even light on your face so you don’t overdo makeup on one side? Well with the help of Neewer light, you can have even light on your face, just make sure to have your face on a level with the circular hole at the center of the light and you are good to start your makeup application.  

Neewer ring light instructions:

Want to set up your Neewer ring light? Well, you must’ve received the instructions manual from Neewer ring light Amazon purchase but if not then don’t fret.

Just watch this video directly from the Neewer brand itself and set up the light accordingly; it’s pretty easy to understand.

Recommended ring light with phone stand:

Looking for some ring lights that come with suitable phone stands? Well we know how puzzling and challenging it can be to find the perfect match of a ring light and a phone stand; the struggle is real. So to help you locate a light having its compatible phone holder, we have provided some suggestions below:

SaleBestseller No. 1
10'' Ring Light with 50'' Extendable...
  • 【High Brightness & Clever Touch...
  • 【Versatile Accessories】 The included AC/DC...
  • 【Fully customizable portable tripod Stand】...
  • 【Wireless remote shutter】- the pocket-sized...
SaleBestseller No. 2
Kaiess 10.2" Selfie Ring Light with 65"...
  • 【Dimmable Circle Light & Upgraded...
  • 【Upgraded Tripod Stand】 Comes With Quick-Flip...
  • 【USB Powered &Wireless Remote】No battery...
  • 【Diverse Application 】 Great led ring light...
Bestseller No. 3
UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light with...
  • 【12’’ LED Ring Light】A beefy 12-inch ring...
  • 【5 Color Temperatures and 10 Level...
  • 【67’’ Selfie Stick Tripod and Phone Tripod...
  • 【Multiple Shooting Angles and High Compatibility...
SaleBestseller No. 4
10" LED Selfie Ring Light, Dimmable Ring...
  • ✲【10 IN Dimmable Ring Light】 Upgraded 10"...
  • ✲【Sturdy Adjustable Tripod Stand】This LED...
  • ✲【360°Universal Phone Holder * 2 PCS...
  • ✲【USB Power Supply LED Ring Light】USB...
Bestseller No. 5
12” LED Ring Light with Stand and...
  • 【Outstanding 12” Circle Light】Comes with...
  • 【5 Color Temperature & 10 Level...
  • 【No Angle Limitation】Featuring a 180-degree...
  • 【67-inch Extendable and Durable Tripod】The...

Diva Ring Light Super Nova 18 review (The Second choice & Best value)

Want something exceptionally good? Maybe you have tried Neewer but didn’t find it fit for your specific needs? Well then don’t fret, meet the Super Nova 18” dimmable ring light by Diva.

The versatile light is perfect for everyone ranging from a live streamer, Blogger, makeup artist, barber, and beauty influencer. Let’s see some pros and cons below:


  • Comes with a powerful 5400k bulb and dimming knob for 20% reduction in power
  • Comes with gooseneck attachment, Z-bracket, 6’ stand and more
  • Has a diffusion cloth for softer light
  • Very lightweight, just 4 pounds
  • Has 1-year warranty


  • On the expensive side
  • Doesn’t come with tripod

Common Asked Questions About ring lights (FAQ)

Do ring lights make you look better?

Yes, they do make you look better and in fact ‘making you pop’ is the perfect way to put it. The light enhances your facial features and eliminates shadows that make your face look uneven.

Is a ring light worth it?

Yes, the best Neewer right light bulb is definitely worth it if you are someone who has to be in front of camera on a regular basis or who has clients who need photoshoots or makeup done.

Is it easy to assemble and install the ring lights?

Yes, it is a piece of cake to install them and you don’t even need any handymen tools for that. Just watch the YouTube video we have suggested above and you’ll understand the process.

Is a ring light good for applying makeup?

Yes, they are ideal for makeup application because you need to have your face evenly illuminated so you don’t overdo or underdo the makeup on one side. If you put your face at the center of the light, it will even fall on your face and eliminate any shadows that might cause problems when applying makeup.

Which ring light is best for photography?

ring light for photography

Since this is a Neewer ring light review, we will suggest that you try out this light not because we have any benefit coming out of this but because people are raving about it on Amazon.

See Neewer ring light Amazon listings and you will understand why it is best. If you don’t find Neewer useful for your specific needs, then we suggest trying out Diva Super Nova ring light.

What is the best lighting for a barbershop AND makeups?

If your main purpose is to highlight people’s faces so you can do your magic easily then prismatic halo ring light by Neewer is perfect for you. It comes in different sizes as discussed above. If the area of coverage is big, go for 18”, if it is small, go for 10” or 14”.


Buying a ring light won’t really cost you much but if you are someone who needs to be in front of the camera on a regular basis, it can UP your photography, videography, or streaming game. So get the best Neewer ring light bulb suggested in this guide and bring out your true beautiful self in front of the world.

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