A Fool-Proof Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home & Office

methods of conserving electricity
Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home, A Fool-Proof Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home & Office, RENEWABLE ENERGY INFO

A world without electricity will be completely disconnected and would go a few centuries back in the stone ages. And to stop that from happening, we need to work on methods of conserving electricity. This is because we don’t have unlimited electricity in the world and we need to make sure that we save enough or generate enough so that we can leave plenty for future generations and save our environment as well.

So if you want to know some practical energy saving tips for home and how to lower electric bill, you should give this guide a thorough read. Besides the tips to reduce energy consumption, we will also tell you about an effective Power Efficiency Guide to help you create your own energy. So without further ado, let’s get started:

If you reduce energy consumption by working on several methods of conserving electricity, you will be playing your part in lessening climate change. This is because the energy that we make using natural sources like coal, oil or by boiling water, we are actually doing damage to the climate mostly through carbon emission.

Furthermore, we have a limited supply of these natural sources to make energy and if we do not save energy now, a time may come when we run out of the natural resources. Therefore, in order to save the climate and preserve natural resources, it is imperative that we save energy.

Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home, A Fool-Proof Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home & Office, RENEWABLE ENERGY INFO

Types of Energy Conservation: Methods ” Energy Conservation Examples”

So if you too are interested in conserving the energy and ultimately play your role in saving the climate and natural resources, then there are a few methods of conserving electricity. Have a look at these examples below:

Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home, A Fool-Proof Methods of Conserving Electricity at Home & Office, RENEWABLE ENERGY INFO
  • Install CFL or LED bulbs: You can install either CFL or LED bulbs in your home instead of the incandescent bulbs because both of the LED and CFL will save a lot of energy.
  • Adjust Room Temperature: If you want to reduce energy consumption then even small things matter a lot. If you just lower your room temperature by a few degrees, you will save a lot of energy in the long run.
  • Get Energy Audit: You can hire an energy expert to get the energy audit of your house. This will help you get an idea of the areas where energy is consumed a lot, and you can take some necessary steps to reduce energy consumption in those areas.
  • Get the Power Efficiency Guide: There is a guide named Power Efficiency that can help you generate a lot of electricity for your home without causing damage to your environment. Check it out as well.

Energy Saving Tips for Apartments “Innovative Ideas for Energy Conservation”

If you want to know a few practical methods of conserving energy and reduce energy consumption, have a look at the tips below:

Insulate the Windows:

Your HVAC system sucks a lot of electricity on a daily basis and to make sure that it is not doing any extra work, you should insulate your window, so the heat from the heater does not escape from the windows and the heater doesn’t make more heat frequently that results in more energy consumption.

Tightly Pack Your Freezer:

The tighter your freezer is packed, the more cold air will stay inside, and warm air will not enter it. This means that your freezer will not have to produce cold air more frequently to maintain the temperature. And when this happens, the freezer will obviously consume less energy.

Use Cold Water to Wash Clothes:

When you are washing your clothes, make sure to use cold water as much as you can so that your washer doesn’t have to use electricity to heat the water. Also, when you are drying your clothes, try to air-dry them, this will save electricity used by the dryer. These small things make a big difference in the long run.

Unplug Your Appliances:

When you are not using electrical appliances or chargers, it is best to unplug them to make sure that they are not consuming your electricity. Most of the times we just keep the charger plugged in and just take our mobile phone or laptops out and that results in excess electricity consumption.

So these are a few methods of conserving electricity that will help you reduce energy consumption in the long run.

Methods to Save Electricity in Office

  • Focus on Seasonal Dressing: By seasonal dressing, we mean that you focus on comfortable clothes according to weather. If there is winter, make sure to wear coats, sweaters or something warm to stay warm in the office. And if it is summer then wear light clothes to stay cool. This way, you can keep your thermostat between 20 to 23 degrees centigrade that will not take much electricity but will keep the temperature normal.
  • Use Energy Management: Another one of the useful methods of conserving energy at the office is to set timers of the air conditioning. Program your air conditioners to turn on or off before people get in the office or leave it. This way, there will be no waste of energy when people are not in the office.
  • Use Natural Daylight: You are at a very good spot if your office receives a lot of daylight. You can use the daylight only in the daytime and when it starts to get darker, you can use CFL or LED bulbs to further reduce energy consumption.
  • Set Timers: Make sure to get the bulbs with timers so you can program them to automatically turn off at the end of the day. Or better yet, you can use the bulbs with sensors that only turn on when someone is in the room.

Quick Tips to Reduce Electricity Bill at Home "Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption"

Though we have already talked about how to lower electric bill for apartments, this section will talk about energy saving tips for homes:

Turn off Phantom Users:

Do you know that around 75% of the energy is used by electronics in homes when they are turned off? This means that if you unplug all these phantom devices like DVD players, TV, Computer, Stereos and several kitchen appliances, you will literally be living in energy efficient homes.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance:

If you want to know how to lower electric bill, this one is among the key points to focus. Your HVAC, if not maintained properly, will not only consume higher energy but will also leave a carbon footprint that will be toxic for you and especially your children.

Install Landscape:

One of the best energy saving tips for homes is to install trees outside of your home to provide shade to its walls. This way, your home will stay cool in hot days of summer and your air conditioner will not have to consume a lot of energy to generate more cool air.

Install Dimmers:

Whether you are using ceiling fans or LED lights, install dimmer switches to lower them when not needed much of their power especially with LEDs. You don’t always need full bright LED so you can just dim them and in the long run, you will reduce energy consumption by great margins.

So this is how you can make energy efficient homes. Just make sure to use as fewer electronics as you can. Furthermore, you can use Power Efficiency Guide to know how to lower electric bill to multiple folds and save thousands of dollars.

How to Lower Electric Bill in winter?

  • Lower Temperature: If you set the temperature of your thermostat 7° to 10° back in winter or summers, you can reduce 10% of the electricity consumption each year. So try to lower your temperature as much as you can, and it will only contribute to lowering your electricity bill.
  • Don’t Heat Uninsulated Areas: Places like crawlspaces, garages or other uninsulated areas will not be heated properly. This means the heat in these areas will quickly be lost, and your heater will be working very hard to maintain the temperature which will only increase your electric bill.
  • Use Carpets: If your floor is cold, you will increase the heat of your heater, and that will obviously increase your electric bill. Therefore, make sure to install carpets so they can insulate your floors and you feel warm.
  • Cover Your Chimney: Your chimney, when not in use, will actually let the warm air escape. So make sure to close your chimney’s damper when you are not using it.
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How Can We Save Energy in Our Daily Life?

Though you can use the Power Efficiency Guide to create an insane amount of energy and not worry about saving it, if you want to know how to lower electric bill, here are a few things to add to your daily life:

Think Before Buying:

When you consider getting an electric gadget, you need to first ask yourself whether you really need it or is it just going to by another electrical appliance that will clutter your home. If you really don’t need it, don’t buy it. This will help you save electricity of your home and also the money spent on that appliance. It is all about self-discipline.

Use Your Energy:

Before you go ahead and use that chopper or the dishwasher or even your car, think if you really need to use them? You can just cut the vegetables with a knife, wash dishes by hand or use a bicycle to get to your work. These small things, if adopted in your daily life, will go a very long way in saving energy consumption.

Make Your Life Simple:

When you go on errands, think of all the things you will need for the whole day and then get all of them in one visit. This way, you will save the fuel that you would’ve used on multiple car trips.

How Do I Make My Home More Energy Efficient? – How to Save Money on an All-Electric House?

The methods of conserving electricity given above will definitely help you reduce energy consumption, but, if you give Power Efficiency Guide a try, you might be able to create your own energy.

The process is simple and can be done by materials that you may find on nearby hardware store or maybe at a junkyard, really, it’s that easy!  

The whole process is given in the guide with the use of pictures and easy to follow steps so even someone who doesn’t even know the spelling of electricity can easily create their own energy.


These are all the methods of conserving electricity, just make sure to bring discipline in your life first so you can always turn off the unused electric items and not purchase the ones that you don’t need. Furthermore, you can try out the Power Efficiency Guide to get an understanding of how you can create your own electricity.

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