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If you are wondering how to test a golf cart battery charger or how to do electric golf cart batteries maintenance, then this guide will definitely help you. We have added tons of valuable things ranging from the intro of the EZ Battery Reconditioning guide for reviving your dead batteries to taking care of the batteries and a list of best golf cart battery chargers. So let’s dive right in:

Okay so if you are wondering how to bring your golf cart battery back to life, then you need to understand that there is a great risk in going with the typical way that people use to recondition their batteries. You can cause an explosion, hurt yourself or may end up ruining the battery.


Therefore, we highly recommend that you get the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide that has everything you need to know to safely bring your battery back to life and that by just leveraging the daily use items. The guide contains step by step instructions with diagrams to help you understand what you exactly need to do.

The best part of using the EZ Reconditioning guide is that it is created by an expert in battery reconditioning who has poured his years of experience and unique ways to recondition the battery in this guide. So make sure to give it a try.


How Often Should I Charge my Golf Cart Batteries?

Well even if you have the best 6 volt golf cart batteries or the club car golf cart batteries 8 volt variant, how often you will be using the 6 or 8 volt golf cart battery charger depends on how much distance you cover in the terrain.


Furthermore, you also need to consider the slope of the terrain and the load you have put on your golf cart. However, you should be charging the batteries after travelling up to 6 miles even if you are using some of the best 6 volt golf cart batteries or the club car golf cart batteries 8 volt.

Golf Cart Battery Charging Tips:

Whether you are using some of the best 6 volt golf cart batteries or the club car golf cart batteries 8 volt, there are some things that you should always keep in mind if you want to keep top class electric golf cart batteries maintenance. Have a look at them below:

Fully Charge the Cells:

One of the important things to keep in mind is that you should always use a golf cart when its battery is fully charged. This means that you need to keep the power cells fully charged between the uses. If you are not using fully charged batteries, then it will cause sulfation that greatly contributes to the ruining of your battery.

Don’t Leave the Electrical Accessories Turned On:

If you leave the electrical accessories of your golf cart turned on, then this will continuously cause your battery to discharge, and if you overuse the discharging batteries, their plate will get weaker. This is just like the cars, if you leave the electrical component turned on, their battery starts to discharge that causes further issues in the battery.

Keep the Power Cells Clean:

This is a very crucial factor when it comes to charging the golf cart batteries. You need to make sure that the power cells are properly cleaned from time to time. This will not only increase the lifespan of the battery but will also keep the cells from getting corrosion and sulfation. Also, properly cleaned power cells will provide top class performance every time you use the cart.

Always Use the Correct Charger:

If you want to know how to test a golf cart battery charger, then keep reading the guide and we will discuss it below. So with that said, make sure to use the right charger for the battery type. Even if you are using the best 6 volt golf cart batteries or the club car golf cart batteries 8 volt make sure to use the appropriate 6 or 8 volt golf cart battery charger. This is because a wrong charge may not fully charge your battery that will eventually cause it to die quickly. Though you can use the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide to revive your battery why let it die in the first place?

So these are a few tips that you should keep in mind when charging your golf cart batteries. And now, we will talk about how to test a golf cart battery charger.

How to Test the Golf Cart Battery Charger?

Before we move towards how to test a golf cart battery charger, you need to make sure that you have hooked up everything correctly and that the cart and the charger are in charging mode. Also see if the outlet that your charger is plugged into is working. If all of these things are correct, then take a few things into consideration before reading how you can test a golf cart battery charger:

  • First of all, hook up the charger to a different golf cart and see if it’s charging or not. This will clear things up. If the second cart is charging, then there an issue with your golf cart, but if it is also not charging, there is a fault in the charger.
  • Also, check all the connections and cables of the battery and see if there is a bad connection, a bad connection in the battery will also cause the charger to not work.

So if all of these things are not causing the issue, then it’s obviously your charger that is at fault. So here’s how to test a golf cart battery charger:

  • Check the timer; you need to make sure that your time is not displaying false information and causing you to think that your charger is broken. So for that, turn on the timer and check if there is power coming from it. If you are getting power, then it is working fine.
  • Also, another problem can be the failure of the timer. If your timer is turned off and is still receiving power, then that means it is leaving your charger always on so replace the timer.
  • Now check the charger cable. You can test the cable by checking for power at the end of the cable, if you don’t get any power, then check for the power where the cable connects to the charger. If there is a power at the charger and not in the cable, then the cable is ruined and you need to replace it.
  • If every other thing seems fine, then check for the transformer. If the transformer is humming, when it is operating and if it’s not humming then it is either broken or not receiving power. Check the connections of the transformer with the circuit board and if everything seems fine then you will have to replace it.

So this is how to test a golf cart battery charger. Just replace the components that you find not working like timer, cable or the transformer and the charger should start working. But if nothing seems to work then take the charger to the shop.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance Procedures:

  • Monitor Water Levels: One of the most important things when it comes to maintaining the golf cart battery is to monitor its water levels especially in higher temperatures where the water dries faster. Regularly replace the water to prevent the plates from getting damaged.
  • Check Water Level after Charging: Every time you fully charge the battery, check its water levels and see if there is the level is still the same. This is because the charging of battery can cause the water to evaporate. So if the level is down, fill it back up.
  • Avoid Rough Rides: Keep your Golf Cart away from the rough and bumpy rides because the batteries of the carts are made for level surfaces and too many bumpy. So rough rides will cause wear and tear to your battery.

How Many Volts Should a Golf Cart Battery?

The volts of a battery varies in golf carts. There are usually three types of volts in the golf cart batteries that include 4 volts, 6 volts, and 8 volts.

Make sure to read the back of the battery to know how many volts it has and also be sure to get the correct volt of battery installed in your golf cart.

Replacing Golf Cart Batteries One at a Time

Yes! You can replace the golf cart batteries one or two at a time but make sure to only do this if you are really in need of replacement and there is no other choice left.

This is because the golf cart batteries can be quite expensive to be replaced and you don’t want to replace them frequently and cause problems in your budget.

Golf Cart Battery Water Fill System

If you don’t know, there are tons of different golf cart battery water fill systems that are perfect, convenient and highly accurate when it comes to filling the battery water levels.

So if you are a busy person or just annoyed by filling the battery water on a regular basis, make sure to check out the water fill systems.

How Long to Charge Golf Cart Batteries

It depends on how discharged your battery is and how old it is. If you have got a five years old battery that is very highly discharged then it may take 10 or more hours to charge it completely.

Similarly, if you have a new battery that is just 20 to 30 percent discharged, then you may be able to charge it in just one to three hours.

How Much Does Golf Cart Batteries Cost?

There are different rates for different types of battery volt systems and the price ranges greatly. If you have the smaller 36 or 48 volt systems then it may cost you as low as $800 to as high as $1500.

Also, if you have the 72-volt system then you may have to pay around $2,000. But the typical pack of the lead acid battery will cost anywhere between $900 and $1500.

Best Golf Cart Batteries Chargers Recommended 

So now that you know how to properly work on electric golf cart batteries maintenance and how to Test a Golf Cart Battery Charger, you must be wondering where to get the best golf cart battery chargers. Well, we have created a list just for you to choose from the best. Have a look below:


So these are all the things that you need to keep in mind when operating, charging, and replacing or maintaining your golf cart’s battery. Also, even though you know how to Test a Golf Cart Battery Charger, it is best to get it to a professional so they can quickly find out the issue and save you from wasting a lot of time and energy. Furthermore, make sure to give EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide a try if you want to bring life to your dead golf cart battery.

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