Learn what to do with Old Laptop Battery & Bring Old Batteries Back to Life Again

how to fix a dead laptop battery

What to do with Old Laptop Battery? How to repair a laptop battery? These are the question that people with dead laptop batteries usually have. Well, don’t worry, this guide is created to help you understand how to fix a dead laptop battery in a few easy steps.


Bring Old Batteries Back To Life Again...

Furthermore, if nothing mentioned here work out for you, you can also get the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide. It will help you to know the surefire ways to recondition a laptop battery and bring it back to life. So without further ado, let’s get started:

Why laptop battery drains fast?

Now two possible scenarios are causing your laptop battery to drain fast. Have a look at both of them below:

  • It’s Old: If your laptop battery is old, then that is one of the reasons that it is getting drained so fast. Batteries usually last a couple of years, and if yours is three to five years old, there is a good possibility that it is losing its power. So if you want to know what to do with old laptop battery, we recommend to bring it back to life and make it just like a new battery with the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide
  • Heavy Programs are Running: This is another case where the battery drains rapidly, and the person usually doesn’t know what is causing it. If your laptop is running several programs in the background, then that may be the reason. So if it hasn’t been wiped and refreshed in nearly two years, then make sure to get a good startup analysis program to see what is running. Find those unnecessary programs and either delete them or kill them.

How to tell if the laptop battery is dead?

There are many ways to know if your laptop battery is dead. The best methods of doing so are given below:

  • Power it: Get the charging cable, plug it into your laptop and let your battery charge for a whole night. Now in the morning, open the laptop and see what is the status of the battery, If it has shown even a little bit of increase in the charging percentage of the battery, then it might not be dead, just old. But, if it shows ‘plugged in, not charging’ then it is definitely dead.
  • Clean it: Another possible scenario is the settlement of dust on the metals of the battery that are inserted into the laptop. Take your battery out, clean those metal contacts of the battery using a dampen cloth along with rubbing alcohol. Now reinsert the battery and see its status again.
  • Test it: There are numerous software like Battery Eater, Smart Battery and Notebook Hardware Control that will let you measure the statistics of your battery. You can see how long it takes to charge fully, what is its full charge capacity and other different things to see if it is dead or not.

Make sure to not throw your dead laptop battery; you can repair a laptop battery using the EZ Reconditioning Guide.

What can I do with a dead laptop battery?

If you are wondering what to do with old laptop battery, then there are two things that you can do with your dead laptop battery. You can either throw it in the garbage can, or you can recondition a laptop battery and make it just like new.

And the best thing is that you can repair a laptop battery on your own, no need to Google ‘laptop battery recycling near me.’ Now if you are wondering what to do with old laptop battery then just use the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide to give a new life to your battery.

Reconditioning a Battery – How Long Does it Take?

Well, that totally depends on how you are approaching the reconditioning, what your skill set is and what type of battery it is. If you are repairing a big battery of 12v then it may take half of your day to fully recondition it.

But, if you are repairing a small laptop battery, then you can recondition it in a few hours. If you want to be on the safe side and not ruin your laptop’s battery, we recommend using the EZ Reconditioning Guide.

Can you throw away computer batteries? - How to dispose of computer batteries?

Yes! You can throw away your computer batteries, but please keep in mind that they contain acid so it may not be safe to throw them in your dust bin.

Either dispose of them at the collection point of your household’s hazardous waste or drop them at the drop off location of battery recycling.

How to recondition a laptop battery?

What to do with old laptop battery, how to fix a dead laptop battery? These are the questions that every laptop owner is seeking the answers. So here are a few steps to recondition a laptop battery:

  • Let the battery charge to full while it is inserted in the laptop and then restart your computer
  • Temporarily disable the hibernation, you can Google how to do it if you don’t know.
  • Click on ‘Control Panel’, go to ‘Performance and Maintenance, now go to ‘Power Options’ Open ‘Power Schemes” and change these settings to discharge your battery. Make sure to remember the original settings under ‘Plugged In’ and ‘Running on the Batteries’ sections so you can reset them later.
  • Unplug your laptop from the charging cable and let it run so its battery can be discharged.
  • Once the battery runs out of charging, plug in the charger again and allow it to charge fully and then restart your laptop. Now enable the hibernation mode and put the original settings in ‘Power Schemes.’

That is all; now your laptop battery should be working fine. If the problem persists, then we suggest that you give EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide a try to bring your battery to life.

How to repair a lithium-ion laptop battery?

what to do with Old Laptop Battery, Learn what to do with Old Laptop Battery & Bring Old Batteries Back to Life Again,

Now there are different ways to do it. But we will talk about a safe way. This will not require you playing with the cells of the battery, causing an explosion or getting acid on your hands. So here’s what to do with old laptop battery to bring it to life:

  • Take out the battery and put it in a plastic or Ziploc bag and then seal it completely.
  • Put the pack in the freezer and allow it to freeze for 12 hours.
  • Now take the battery out, remove its plastic bag and wrap it in a towel to absorb any condensation that occurs when it warms up.
  • Now just let your battery warm up until it reaches the normal room temperature.
  • Once it is back to normal temperature, reinsert it and charge it completely.
  • Now unplug the power, let your battery drain completely and then charge it again.

Repeat step five and six at least four times, and it should work properly.

How to charge laptop battery manually?

Here, the word manually means charging it without using the laptop like charging the battery externally. You can do that in two different ways.

  • External Port: There are some batteries that contain an external AC adapter port. Take out your battery to see if it has one. If yes, then charge it directly.
  • External Charger: There are external chargers available in the market. They can charge your battery without having to plug it in your laptop. Make sure to get the one that is compatible with your battery and you can do it by visiting your laptop’s manufacturer’s website.

So these are a few ways to manually charge your laptop battery. We do not encourage opening up the battery and doing experiments with it unless you are an expert. This may result in an accident.

How long does a laptop battery last?

The life of a laptop battery heavily depends on your usage. But in general, a battery can last anywhere between two and four years. But if you take good care of the battery and the laptop, it may last longer.

Furthermore, in terms of charges, a battery usually lasts for 1,000 full charges. But its total lifetime depends on several factors like the battery type, how often it is used and how old it is.

Laptop battery circuit diagram 

So now that you know what to do with old laptop battery, you may be curious to know the diagram of the battery’s circuit. If that is the case, then please have a look at this detailed diagram below:

what to do with Old Laptop Battery, Learn what to do with Old Laptop Battery & Bring Old Batteries Back to Life Again,


Now you know how to fix a dead laptop battery and what to do with old laptop battery, you might not have to waste money on getting a new one. Just remember, the easiest way to recondition a laptop battery is to use the EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide and bring it to life.

No more searching for laptop battery recycling near me. Because you can use that old/dead battery again through this simple to understand guide.

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